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10 Inch Vs 12 Inch Miter Saw

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When it comes to 10 vs 12 miter saw it is important to make the right choice if you want to get the best results with your diy projects. 10 vs 12 miter saw which one do you need and how do they differ apart from the obvious blade size.

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Trim is seldom more than 4 inches so youve got plenty of wiggle room with a 10 inch miter saw.

10 inch vs 12 inch miter saw. Most 12 inch miter saws are more powerful than their 10 inch counterparts. The only saw that hardly ever gets used is the monster dewalt 16 inch ras we inherited with the shop and id have to go take a look to see whats mounted on it. The 12 inch miter saw.

10 vs 12 inch miter saw which one is better. To determine the power of a miter saw look at the amperage of the saw. Most 12 inch miter saws have a 15 amp motor which is powerful enough to cut larger and thicker pieces of wood.

These saws come in a range of different sizes two of the popular ones being the 10 inch and 12 inch miter saws. Obviously a 12 saw is larger than a 10 but that has a lot more of an effect on performance than you might think. 10 vs 12 miter saw.

12 inch models tend to spin slower because the blades have a larger radius. One significant advantage 10 inch miter saws have over 12 inch models is that they typically spin faster. Would you be surprised to learn that this hung jury is not that big of a deal.

The 10 inch miter saw is pretty popular and with good reason. To this day theres no definitive answer even though they clearly offer different cutting results. Say you have a 10 inch saw that spins at 5000 rpm like the dewalt dw713.

While a 10 and 12 miter saw basically function in the same way there are some differences between them that you should consider if youre looking to buy one. I you are looking to treat your self to a new miter saw for you woodworking shop or are a busy pro on a job site you might be torn between a 10 inch or 12 inch miter saw. More on topic 10 inch sliders are go too tools for our trim work although we have a mixed bag of both 10 and 12 inch bosch and makitas.

The 10 inch blade cuts pieces that are up to 6 inches wide which covers most trim and molding boards. It will run at about the same speed as a 12 inch saw that spins at 4000 rpm. Not everyone has the same budget or the same projects in mind so rather than offering a straight up comparison of a 10 inch vs 12 inch miter saw by category well give you a snapshot of where each saw stands and falls so you can determine which would work best for you.

Ever since the 12 inch miter saw became rather common the obvious question arises. Miter saws are invaluable too shed additions for those that enjoy diy projects and home improvements.

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