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5 Gallon Bucket Dust Collector

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5 gallon cyclone dust collector by looper thingiverse printed parts for a two bucketlid thien baffle dust collector cyclone dust collector homemade cyclone dust collector constructed from 3d printed parts plastic buckets and plywood. I designed mine with 2 clamps so its fast and easy.

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Diy cyclone dust collector.

5 gallon bucket dust collector. Printed parts for a two bucketlid thien baffle dust collector. 5 gallon cyclone dust collector by looper is licensed under the creative commons attribution non. A standard 5 gallon bucket fills up to the point where the cyclone is bypassed a bit more than 12 full pretty quickly.

My original dust collector was just an old shop vacuum. I think a taller bucket would work better. A 15 slot was cut into the bottom of the top bucket about a third of the way around to allow the dust cyclone to drop into the bottom bucket.

And the smaller particles are safely caught in my dust collector. Just using a dust deputy cyclone on a 5 gallon bucket is even more efficient than this design but its more top heavy and restricts airflow quite a bit more. This worked well enough except i didnt engineer the lid for theread more.

The filter clogged regularly so i made a cyclone separator out of sheet metal and some old buckets. Whenever i empty the shopvac i noticed the dust collector bucket is solight because it is about 25 or less full. But you can find them for 35 on alibaba so if you dont want to make your own then buying one of those is a pretty easy solution.

10 water bucket dust collector matthewmcrepair. What i like about cyclone collector system is that you never lose suction and 97 of dustdebris goes in the bucket so you dont have to clean the shopvac filter every time you empty the bucket. Dust collection cyclone separator lid with handle 5 gallon by peachtree woodworking pw402.

In addition the collector bucket is so light that it easily falls down to the floor and the bottom dust is blown to the shopvac and. Cheap diy dust collection for home workshop duration. Cyclone dust collector for 5 gallon bucket by farfignewt dust collector diy woodworking workshop woodworking shop shop dust collection wood dust tool shop wood tools diy workshop garage workshop this cyclone dust collector is designed to attach to a 5 gallon bucket.

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Cyclone Dust Collector 5 Gallon Bucket
Cyclone Dust Collector 5 Gallon Bucket
Great reusable easy to use effective plastic
Diy 5 Gallon Bucket Dust Collector
Diy 5 Gallon Bucket Dust Collector
Comes with easy removal lint trap bucket.
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