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Bandsaw Coplanar Adjustment

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Blade drift was improved by adjustment to nil. Measure the gap between the straightedge and the wheel.

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If the gap is less than 132 your wheels are sufficiently coplanar and you can skip ahead to step 6.

Bandsaw coplanar adjustment. A lot of info ive read about bandsaw alignmenttune up indicates the wheels should be coplanar ive also found some references that say coplanar is not necessary but the wheels must be in parallel planes. I wish that fww had said in their bandsaw review the words of michael fortune in his fww article where he said that as he travelled the world he hadnt seen that the coplanar thing was an issue worth worrying about. According to snodgrass if you did get them coplanar any tiny mis adjustment would lead to the blade running off the wheels.

How to adjust your band saw fence to compensate for blade drift. Bandsaw wheels lie in the same plane while youre cutting wood. My hammer 4400 bandsaw was 18 out of coplanar at delivery.

How to adjust your band saw fence to compensate for blade drift. Its much more likely that your blade will be perpendicular to the saw table and your. In c the top wheel must be tilted before you can determine whether the wheels are coplanar.

When your wheels are coplanar blades tend to track stably and perhaps best of all theres little or no adjustment required when you change blades. This involved removal of the table and using a 6 straight edge which made contact with both wheels at the centre of the rims in a vertical line. When you can put any bandsaw blade on your saw tension it and turn on the saw without worrying about tracking youll be a believer too.

Its easy to set bandsaw wheels coplanar and the payback is mighty convincing. If the gap is greater than 132 one wheel should be adjusted. Bandsaw tracking coplanar adjustment.

Did you read about the guy who dropped the bandsaw table on his foot while trying to adjust the wheels for coplanar. While attempting to adjust my jet 18 bandsaw per duginskes recommendations i quickly realized that the frame of the saw doesnt allow room to place a straightedgelevel against both wheels at the same time to check that they are vertical and coplanar. So i can set my wheels either coplanar or in parallel planes with a little adjustmenttweaking.

Then again he says if you have drift you set your saw up incorrectly and that no bandsaw should have drift.

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