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Best Floor Finish For Pine

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Romano del tin via e mail to minimize scratches and scuffs on a pine floor water or oil based polyurethane is one option. What type of finish will hold up the best on white pine.

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What type of finish will give with the dents and not break free.

Best floor finish for pine. Give the putty 3 or 4 hours to dry. Sand the pine. You need more than one or two coats however to provide dent protection.

A more effective number of coats would be four or five. What is the best natural floor finish for wide plank new england pine floors. The oldest bit five years old at one end has turned a more golden color just naturally and looks a bit shinier than the rest.

The previous owner had a dog that left little chips of omu all over the floor because of his nails denting the wood. We are close to finishing the tongue and groove pine floor in our living room and are starting to think about finishes. For you purposes at least 5 6 coats of shellac can be brushed or rolled on to a well sanded pine floor.

Although in my opinion 4 coats of satin polyurethane makes the very best finish for a pine floor there are many alternatives. The most natural but least water resistant film finish is shellac. If your pine floor has gone a funny colour you can always sand the old finish off and replace it with a product that wont change colour as it ages.

How to finish pine floors clean all dust and debris from the floor. The wood is very soft and the owner has a large dog. What is the best protective coating for pine floors.

Were active with kids dogs and want a rustic pine floor look. Would oil or water be more durable on the soft wood. Wait until the putty is fully dry before you begin to sand.

I dont know much about floor finishes so im looking for recommendations. The pine flooring should be completely clean of all dust. And we like the way that looks.

Steve maxwell the technical editor of canadian home workshop magazine recommends a product with a satin finish to hide defects high gloss accentuates flaws. Multilayering with polyurethane most floor finishers use polyurethane to coat floors because its one of the hardest finish materials available and it provides good dent protection for pine. He is a bit of an old hippy so wont allow anything with vocs in the house i even had to finish his wooden worktops countertops with organic olive oil.

If youre looking to retain the natural appearance of freshly sanded boards pine or oak osmo polyx oil raw and fiddes hard wax oil natural are both great products for defusing and countering the gold orange colour you sometimes get. Fill countersunk nail holes with hardening putty.

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Best Floor Finish
Best Floor Finish
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