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Black Walnut Shavings For Chickens

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Affected horses may be unable to move because of soreness in their feet. Cedar and oak can be caustic and black walnut is very dangerous for some animals.

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This compound helps the body expel worms.

Black walnut shavings for chickens. The floor of your chicken coop might be dirt wood or concrete. These two are not the same. Black walnuts are free for the picking if you know where to find a treebut theyre difficult and messy to shell.

Black walnut juglans nigra wood shavings can elicit clinical signs of laminitis or founder within 8 to 24 hours of coming in contact with the beddingconsumption of the bedding may also cause laminitis signs as well as colic. Ive read that walnut can kill horses and cause problems for other animals. I also use shavings for hens but not knowing any.

Humans can also use black walnut tincture to rid the body of parasitic worms. In the olden days nut cake around here meant black walnut cake. Unfortunately black walnut poisoning causes laminitis an inflammation of the hoof.

Black walnut tincture is an anthelmintic. People today just dont have the time or fortitude for it. My father raises arabians and i have spoken with the farier on this issue and he also has seen the ill effects walnut sawdust has on horses.

Pine shavings used as chicken coop bedding. The low cost and high availability of black walnut wood shavings has increased demand for its use in horse stalls. And then theres the black walnut cookies and black walnut ice cream.

You can confirm this by speaking with any quality horse veteranarian. There is some discussion of commercial worming medications. Walnut sawdust is in fact harmful to horses.

When you use a natural worming method such as black walnut tincture for worming chickens there is no egg withdrawal time. Hay is made of green tall grass that has been dried and baled. John k jordan at the present time i am making just enough shaving to keep my old hens happy do you know if it is safe to put black walnut shavings down for chickens.

No black walnut shavings are not recommended. The tough yellow stalks left over from. Severe cases of laminitis or founder can result in the death of the animal or in permanent disability.

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Black Walnut Shavings
Black Walnut Shavings
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