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Black Walnut Tree Value Calculator

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I buy logs to mill on my portable bandsaw mill. I have the opportunity to buy a black walnut tree and just so happen to have a friend with a sawmill.

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If i were buying 4 walnut trees from you i would first assess if they are yard trees that are likely to be full of metal.

Black walnut tree value calculator. The fine straight grained wood is used for furniture veneer and gunstocks. Normally for black walnut ill pay 35 cents a bf for a log 12 18 at the small end. Also you will have one last opportunity to harvest the nuts.

Bruce thompson author of black walnut for profit estimates a mature stand of black walnut trees can bring about 100000 per acre in timber value alone. It was a large tree that the owners just cut down after standing dead for two years and there is lots of lumber. The tree will be free of leaves and the snow will help to cushion the impact of the fall.

Besides the fact that it is probably one out of five black walnut trees in southern. In addition to their value as shade and nut producing trees black walnut has long had a reputation as a valuable species for timber and veneer production. I want to make him an offer but need a way to calculate approximately how many bf i can get out of the tree based on its dimensions.

If you live in a snowy climate it may be best to drop and sell your black walnut tree in the winter time. Thats insane taking the tree down is the easy part. However quite a few factors.

High quality trees should have very few visible defects including scars bumps cracks crookedness holes or low hanging limbs. The most valuable timber trees exceed 18 inches in. Allow the logger to determine when to drop the tree.

Anything bigger in diameter i pay up to 55 cents. If they are not yard trees and they are as large as you say i would offer you the same price as the highest value hardwood saw timber is bringing on the local market. There is a local guy who would like to sell a rather large black walnut tree.

Black walnut logs bring premium prices and have since the 1700s with single trees bringing up to 20000. Most black walnut trees are grown to produce saw logs or veneer. Ive seen people around me wanting 3 a board foot for their walnut trees.

Though prices for top quality timber peaked in the 1970s high quality black walnut can still command fairly decent dollar amounts. The value of timber value is largely determined by the relative presence or absence of defects. I know the yield will vary based on the method in which it is sawn but lets keep it simple and just assume that it will be plain sawn.

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Fast Growing Black Walnut Trees Black Walnut Tree Plantation

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Black Walnut Tree Value
Black Walnut Tree Value
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