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Bluing Salts

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Parts are completely degreased and then preheated in another tank on another coleman camp stove prior to going into the bluing salts. It is a difficult product to apply evenly offers minimal protection and is generally best used for small fast repair jobs and touch ups.

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Hot salts bluing black oxide hot salts bluing is a simple process for coloring metal but you must pay attention to detail if you wish to obtain satisfactory results.

Bluing salts. I plan on buying one of those old star 9mm paras from sarco for my experiment so i actually plan on trying different formulas and using muriatic acid to remove the blueing solution results until i find one that. I want to know the exact composition of the bluing salt used for the bluing of ms. Brownells is your source for bluing saltsmetal bluing at brownells parts and accessories.

Typical red rust is fe2o3 the act of boiling the red rust converts it into black rust or magnetite. When it comes to a boil and all ingredients went into solution your bluing salts are ready to be used at this point one might start submerging prepped parts in it and get good results. Growing crystals is a fun and educational project that kids enjoy.

Bluing is a passivation process in which steel is partially protected against rust and is named after the blue black appearance of the resulting protective finishtrue gun bluing is an electrochemical conversion coating resulting from an oxidizing chemical reaction with iron on the surface selectively forming magnetite fe 3 o 4 the black oxide of iron. Larry potterfield founder and ceo of midwayusa demonstrates the process for nitre bluing small parts using a lee lead pot and bluing salts. Hot salt bluing color case hardening fire blue nickel silver and gold plating slow rust bluing stainless steel bluing mil spec parkerizing anodizing french gray one of the most delicate finishing processes is the bluing operation.

I am just wondering if anyone has a recipe orand tips on a good homemade blueing salt bath. The 5 gallon pails have drive on locking covers and the 55 gallon drums have heavy duty plastic covers with locking bands. Du lite is the world leading supplier of black oxide bluing chemicals manganese phosphate parkerizing solution kwikseal firearm lubricant and rust preventative oil.

In my experience however i found that this formulation will make over saturated bluing solution which will leave heavy layer of salts on the blued parts. The bluing process has changed a lot over the years both in the preferred methods and the chemicals used. The salts play a factor in the coloration too but it is mostly a heat reaction.

Bluing salts are basically lye at a super saturated level ive gotten some interesting blue black colors while boiling parts in household drain cleaner i had to remove zinc plating from a bunch of screws. After 20 minutes the parts are returned to the preheat bath which magically became the rinse bath. Homemade hot blue formula original post courtesy of blair emory my comments in brackets km all bluing is really blacking.

Cold bluing is generally a selenium dioxide based compound that colors steel black or more often a very dark gray. I will assume that most reading this do not wish to spend a lot of money on supplies and equipment but want an inexpensive way to produce a black oxide finish for small parts. Further adventures in bluing pic intensive this is a discussion on further adventures in bluing pic intensive within the gun care forums part of the gunner forum category.

Also the chemical composition of chemical degreaser alkaline. Bluing is not a coating its a rusting process. We use a four tank hot salts bluing method.

Du lite ships xx compound in heavy duty industrial 5 and 55 gallon plastic containers with rubber gaskets. Evidently the barrel and receiver were blued after assemly the basic chemical in the hot blue salts formula is sodium hydroxide lye the polished metal components are submerged in the boiling 285 295 f caustic bluing solution for at least 30 minutes usually longer. How to blacken steel.

Black oxide formula for hot blueing of gunsfirearms. Before any bluing process the metal must be prepared. For this second and complete redo job i used the homemade salt recipe of sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrate lye and fertilizer.

Bluing is an electrochemical conversion where the surface of the steel is converted to a form of controlled rust called magnetite fe3o4. Shop our vast selection and save. There are several different techniques and each one has its own particular uses.

Blu it reusable gun blue gun bluing solution for steel iron. Stewarts bluing is a green product. You are thinking.

Black oxide salts for blackening silver sodered areas after regular black oxide treatment. Turn parts and small pieces a deep rich lustrous blue with a finish thats tougher and prettier than most of the cold blues. The blue shine is due to additional chemicals such as manganese that are added to the mix.

Niter bluing is mostly a heating technique to achieve different color to the steel. And it is completely unrelated to caustic hot bluing. Even in its concentrated form msb is non toxic environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Since 1939 du lite has been a leading supplier of black oxide finishing equipment chemicals and accessory products to american and foreign manufacturers. Dip the parts in watch for the color change. Our hot tank solution uses a caustic solution of nitrate salts and is heated to exactly 292 degree.

The process is really quite simple. They are not dissolved in water theyre used straight. Sweet discoveries 4073 views.

I have also written about this process as well. Caustic hot bluing a mix of salts and water forms magnetite an oxide of iron fe3o4. This process is straightforward and provides a.

You can get a lot of different colors from niter bluing not just blue. Like many at this site i prefer to use or make my own supplies rather than buying them. For many years it was often difficult to have a gun blued and have it match the exact shade it may have been before and nearly impossible to bring a firearm to a.

Bluing steel is the process of oxidizing the surface of the metal to protect it from rust. We offer 6 complete stainless steel systems to fit everybodys needs and budget. There is no magnetite involved.

Whitening whites safely since 1883. Larry potterfield founder and ceo of midwayusa demonstrates the process for nitre bluing small parts using a lee lead pot and bluing salts. While there are a few different types of bluing one of the most durable forms is hot salt bluing.

Hot caustic salt blue. Have you thought about rust bluing or nitre bluing very simple for first time doing small parts. The most commonly used are cold bluing and hot bluing but rust bluing was the standard for many years.

Backyard hot caustic bluing. Find great deals on ebay for gun bluing salts. As the water from the solution evaporates with the help of ammonia the salt crystals begin to form around the particles left by the bluing.

We use melted salts to get to the right temperatures. A discussion started in 2001 but continuing through 2019. Du lite complete gunsmiths finishing systems.

Heat the salts up to 5700 f. This process is straightforward and provides a beautiful electric blue finish that really makes those smaller parts on a firearm stand out. Gunsmith black oxide bluing tanks constructed 304 stainless steel rinse tanks will not rust system will last many years and is cheaper than steel black oxide tanks sold by others.

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Blueing Salts
Blueing Salts
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