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Bottom Stiles Fic Rec

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849 words t. Make sure to read the tags.

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If you feel up to it i would prompt.

Bottom stiles fic rec. Deagedstiles with peter being 100 enamored with this small baby a la ive only had bbstiles for five minutes but if anything happened to him i would kill everyone in this room and then myself. Stiles stared into eyes that were just a little lighter than even the day before looking almost beta gold in the harsh lighting. An archive of our own a project of the organization for transformative works.

Inspired by this post title from officer by slightly stoopid i actually dont know the song i just liked that line. Fic rec list in honor of getting 100 twitter followers on my sterek fic rec account at getsterekt im making a rec list of my all time favorite fics. So strap yourselves in.

Harry is a virgin and not exactly happy about it. The other team was scared of him in fact you were pretty sure your own team wasnt too fond of him at the moment despite the fact you were winning. 1 real life demands have taken up most of my time and 2 i hate to say this i sort of fell out of the tw fandom.

It happened for a couple of reasons. Everything around him. Scott was kicking ass on the field but not in a good way.

That was all i needed to hear to. I hope youll like this. Been reading some fics lately and thought id share.

Jealous liam dunbar masterlist vine i got a call from scott my older brother to come home from my friends house right away because we had a major problem at home. When harry finds out hes pregnant and will face enough magical drain to kill him in just a few short months without the other parent to help supply magic to the unborn baby its a race against the clock to figure out not just how harry became pregnant in the first place but who the other father is. For the anon who wanted some stiam with cocky lil shit liam a bit ago.

Come charge me all the time. These are both sterek and steter aaaaand all three written in scars by drgirlfriend at drgrlfriend. All fics are sterek.

Stiles is being punished for all of the shenanigans he got up to in high school with scott isnt he. When stiles mouths off to the wrong set of witches he finds himself unable to control his tongue around a certain alpha werewolf. I just wanted to apologize for my totally unplanned hiatusabsence.

As stiles struggles with the lesson the witches want him to learn he knows its only a matter of time until the truth comes out.

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Bottom Stiles
Bottom Stiles
The two of you were watching scott
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