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Box Joint Without Dado

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For larger box joint fingers use a 34 bit with a 34 fence or even a 14 for smaller ones. They are hard to come by in australia so i decided to make an accurate single blade jig for my table saw.

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As for cutting its pretty simple.

Box joint without dado. The first cut is with the crank handle by the gears at right then i turn it counterclockwise until the first tape is to the right by the other gears make a cut and then turn it to the third crank position shown in previous picture. This simple method for cutting grooves and rabbets guarantees a perfect fit even in odd size plywood using the blade already in your saw. I really wanted to create box joints on my table saw but i dont have the cash right now for a a dado stack.

All of these can be cut using just the one blade and require no other setup once you have them jammed in place on the jig. The results are great perfect. You could have a 19mm finger then 9ml then 19mm again for example.

For about eighty three dollars us you can buy a freud box joint cutter set cuts 14 in. You can make them on a router table the jig would be very similar to that used on a table saw. Then to cut the joints i make a cut at home position turn about 14 turn counterclockwise to the first tape mark cut again turn counterclockwise to the second tape mark again about 14 turn on this setup and cut again.

Cut perfect grooves rabbets without a dado set. Super simple single blade box finger joint jig. After that cut i turn the crank one and one third turns counterclockwise.

Every once in a while a project plan calls for a quick groove or rabbet. Cutting box joints without a dado blade. These three cuts have just hogged out a 14 slot.

The jig is the same. You could cut joint building blocks from different thicknesses of wood for example. But installing and fine tuning the width of a dado set really kills your momentum in the shop.

Well short of getting an incra or jointech jig you might be interested in using a regular saw blade to make your box joints. Making box joints without a dado blade. Must be a lot of plans out there for router made box joints.

Joints sbox8 that will simplify cutting 14 or 38 tongues and sockets or use a router mlcs woodworking box joint router bit 12 shank to cut joints in stock up to 12 thick and 2 wide.

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Box Joint Without Dado Blade
Box Joint Without Dado Blade
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