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Bubbles In Polyurethane

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When we try to rush projects through we have run into this problem too. First make sure the finish has enough solvent in it.

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Bubbles in fresh finish.

Bubbles in polyurethane. Wiping can entrain air. Polyurethane floor finish remove bubbles from floor finish this entry was posted on thursday april 17th 2014 at 727 pm and is filed under hardwood floor refinishing. Bubbles in polyurethane finish.

By the way water based polys are less likely to have bubbles than oil polys because each coat is much thinner. Thinning the finish will make it flow out better so brush marks will level and air bubbles will have enough time to burst before the finish sets up. Two axioms for furniture finishers are that you shouldnt shake the can before applying polyurethane and you shouldnt wipe the brush along the side of the can.

Sand lightly between coats vacuum and tack to get the dust up. How to prevent the problems. Eliminate air bubbles in minwax polyurethane.

I mean dip the brush and to remove excess touch the brush to the side of the can instead of wiping it on the lip of the can. You can follow any responses to this entry through the rss 20 feed. Make sure the previous finish has at least a day to dry.

Air or solvent from the stain or previous finish needs to evaporate and can only get out through the pores of the oak. Again dont overwork the poly in the can or on the floor. However if youre not careful small air bubbles can mar the beauty of the finish permanently.

The bubbles will not have enough time to pop and any brush marks will not have enough time to flow out. It is an oil based clear finish that is applied in several coats after staining and it is fast drying and appropriate for any indoor wood surfaces such as cabinets bookcases trim and doors. The most common causes for bubbles are shaking the can and improper brush prepyou dont stick a brush into the finish without first soaking the bristles in mineral spirits for oil based polys or in water for water based polys.

Once the bubbles have popped out you want the polyurethane to dry as fast as possible to get beyond the sticky stage demonstrated here by a fingerprint in the finish so dust nibs are kept to a minimum. Both activities introduce bubbles into the mixture in the can and its likely that youll transfer some of these to the surface youre finishing. By in the can.

Bubbles in polyurethane topcoat.

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Bubbles In Polyurethane Floor Finish
Bubbles In Polyurethane Floor Finish
Minwax fast drying polyurethane is a clear
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