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Burn Cage Diy

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Burn cage burn barrel alternative. Place air holes in your metal drum for air to enter during the burning process.

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Make burning and clearing easier and safer with the sportsman folding steel fire cage and fire pit screen.

Burn cage diy. Assembling the burn barrel. The perforated stainless steel design maximizes airflow so fires light quickly and burn far hotter and more thoroughly. I quickly came around to his way of thinkingthis burn cage is actually really useful for burning garbage.

Easy to store setup and move the solid metal burn cage makes it simple to burn leaves cardboard newspapers and more. How and why to use a burn cage on the homestead. Burn temperatures as high as 1600 degrees f mean less residue and fewer ashes.

Some barrel makers like to add a few larger holes around the bottom to act as vents supplying oxygen to the fire. Cheap plasma cutter httpsamznto2syghzd i built a burn barrel out of a 550 gallon drum like the dr burn cage. A superior alternative to competing burn cages loose piles or old barrels the pyro cage is engineered to provide excellent airflow for hotter flames and more thorough burns.

This is a great way to burn your yard waste. If you clean it after every use ash will never build up and never collect water and your barrel with last a year and a half or so. Some people use a drill others use a handgun.

These are not necessary but can provide a more complete burn. When burn is compete simply roll the barrel aside and sweep the ashes into a dust pan and spread them on your lawn or put them in your compost pile. When my husband bought a burn cage i thought it was a waste of money.

In fact you can b. Drill four 12 inch holes in the bottom of the drum to allow any rainwater to run out. The pyro cages consist of 4 panels that easily assemble with no tools required to form a strong self supporting structure.

This burn barrel isnt what i would call pretty but it sure is functional. How you put holes in the drum is up to you. The burncage is specially engineered to overcome all the problems associated with burning in a barrel or open pit.

So if you have leaves or wood that you would rather burn than pay to have it disposed of at the landfill you could use this option. But for way less money. Place your burnables in the barrel use a long lighter or fireplace match to light place the cover over the top and let it burn.

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Burn Cage
Burn Cage
Make burning and clearing easier and safer
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