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Can You Sand Epoxy Between Coats

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If applying any more additional coats allow the second coat to fully cure before sanding. Wet sanding epoxy west system.

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How To Apply A Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin Artresin

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In the above sanding scars the surface to give more resitance and total area of coverage.

Can you sand epoxy between coats. So when applying multiple coats of epoxy or finishing with a topcoat remember to. And have a really thin guitar. If the finish has cured and is hard then sand for proper adhision.

You can coat without sanding between coats if youre recoating within a few hours of drying time in new work. Bigdguitars 87102 views. Watch you dont sand too deep and open up pores that werent exposed to the filler or youll be there for ever.

The purpose of this instruction is to create scratches in the surface so the next coat of finish can establish a mechanical bond. The scratches will disappear with the second coat. When wet the surface is shiny but when squeegeed it appears dull and highlights surface texture.

I understand you are having trouble believing this try it on a sample piece with gouges and scratches then re coat. Applying a second coat of art resin clear epoxy to your. As long as the second coat can flow into all areas it will fill in and become as one coat.

Sanding is best practice to ensure the 2 layers of resin bond and wont peel apart down the road. Lightly sand the epoxy with a non aggressive grit sandpaper. If your resin has dried you can just sand around the beads as much as you can even a little bit is better than nothing.

In all likelihood the beads will provide some tooth so dont worry too much. Sanding between coats of epoxy. Scuff sand between coats to get a good bond.

Rinse and squeegee away water between changes in grit to avoid contaminating the finer grit with the previous coarser grit. Allow the first coat of epoxy to fully cure at least 24 hours. When wet sanding especially with aggressive grits you have to keep an eye on your progress.

The finish keys or locks into the sanding scratches. Apply the second coat. You can sand with 80x and clean up with mineral spirits.

Filling gaps in wood using turquoise inlay with sand and epoxy. American walnut should only need 2 coats with a sand in between.

How To Apply A Second Coat Of Epoxy Resin Artresin

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Can You Sand Epoxy
Can You Sand Epoxy
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