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Can You Use Bondo On Fiberglass

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Use bondo fiberglass cloth with bondo fiberglass resin for repairs on almost any surface including metal fiberglass and wood. I have used both the bondo automotive product and this resin on many wood repairs.

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For even more strength use with the fiberglass mat product.

Can you use bondo on fiberglass. Use fiberglass mat on automobiles boats tubs showers sinks pools and hot tubs. Bondo body filler is a two part putty compound used to repair dents dings holes rusted areas and scratches in vehicle exteriors. On the pallet or board that you mix your bondo or filler on put the amount you are going to mix up in the form of a circle.

The correct amount of hardener is 1 12 to 3. Sometimes its desireable to build something out of fiberglass without the use of a mold. Replacement fiberglass panels are readily available but can be very expensive to purchase.

Bondo fiberglass mat consists of interlocking strands of fiberglass to repair holes and gaps in jobs of nearly any size. The expense of replacing damaged fiberglass panels can be significantly reduced by instead repairing the panels with bondo. Users can repair cracked broken or rusted automobile body components quickly easily and at a fraction of the cost versus part or panel replacement.

Bondo fiberglass cloth is ideal for nearly any size job large or small. As fiberglass components age stress cracks and panel distortion can result. Yes it will give you a much stronger repair than wood putty.

Custom fiberglass without a mold. The bondo brand has been there for you for over sixty years tackling your toughest repairs and restorations. The filler cures fast shapes in minutes and is formulated to be non shrinking and permanently durable.

Bondo fiberglass repair kit is a do it yourself solution for easy and effective auto body repair. Bondo fiberglass cloth 20128 provides added strength for repairs requiring extra reinforcement. The fiberglass cloth is a versatile repair material for use on automobiles boats tubs showers sinks pools and hot tubs.

Heres an easy way to figure it. We are an american original and remain committed to bringing you honest reliable quality products that we all can be proud of. How to use bondo for fiberglass.

This is often true in car audio where you are building a single structure such as a dashboard or a speaker box.

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Can You Use Bondo On Fiberglass Boat
Can You Use Bondo On Fiberglass Boat
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