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Can You Use Galvanized Pipe For Gas Lines

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Sulfursour gas should not use galvy. Can you install a second gas meter further down the line in an apartment building and how much will it cost if the pipe is 1 inch and very accessible.

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The issue with gavanized pipe is the possibility of the coating flaking and then plugging valves and orifices.

Can you use galvanized pipe for gas lines. One is that it costs less than galvanized except ive seen some home centers charging more for black which must be because of consumers lack of knowledge of cost. The zinc coating will sacrifice more active or anodic to the steel its coating deteriorated the galvanized steel pipe will corrode rust transfering its corrosion process to the lacquered black steel pipe aka. Mixing galvanized and iron pipe for natural gas lines.

I agree with mjb1962853 and astm. It probably is not a regulation that states that you can not use galvanized pipe for gas but as a maintenance person i know and as it states in the article the zinc coating on galvanized piping tends to flake off and clog the lines so it is a better common practice to use black pipe for gas lines allowing a longer life from your gas lines. Gas meters tie into gas main individually.

If dripdirt legs are present the risk is low but i would note the non standard use of the galvanized fitting in the gas piping system. Today using galvanized pipe generally presents no threat. Other than the flaking problem it is easy to mistake a galvanized gas line for a water line.

As long as the gas line was above ground and outside of the building i would have no problem using it. In many areas of the country black pipe is required for natural gas lines because of the way it is made. This kind of pipe is created as a long continuous tube.

The reason you do not want to use galvanized pipe in gas due to it being galvanized and not pulled like malleable iron is. This can cause injury or death should someone take a joint apart without the main gas being turned off. Galvanized pipe for natural gas piping.

Sensibleman 9 years ago. Most codes do not allow it. The galvanizing only occurs on the outside of the pipe therefore theres little or no chance of flakes obstucting orifices.

Plumbers tend to use black pipe with gas for two main reasons. Black pipe is required for natural gas lines in many parts of the country. Over time pieces of the galvanized steel will flake off and clog up all of your gas regulators and burner units to my knowledge there is no reaction between.

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Can You Use Galvanized Pipe For Gas Line
Can You Use Galvanized Pipe For Gas Line
The issue with gavanized pipe is the
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