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Can You Use Thompsons Water Seal On A Painted Surface

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And by the way the thompsons that is specifically for wood thompsons. Sprinkle water on various sections of surface to be sealed.

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But you can put latex paint over thompsons waterseal clear multi surface waterproofer.

Can you use thompsons water seal on a painted surface. But as noted by others it will cause a failure for other top coats. Yes you can paint over thompsons although thompsons does recommend a waiting period. Indeed you may be attracted by the promise of convenience offered by the products telescoping ability.

Now as far as painting goes i would think long and hard about painting any interior floor. Cover plants and shrubs. Thompsons is good if that all you want to use on it.

It is manufactured in liquid forms that you apply with a brush or in a spray can. Once its painted youll. Paint for vertical surface and a flooring or deck product for anything your going to walk on.

All of which will make future preparation for repaint a lot easier and not as prone to failure. Apply thompsons waterseal when the temperature is above 50 degrees fahrenheit and you expect it to stay that way for at least 24 hours. The large fireplace plug draft stopper is an inflatable urethane pillow measuring 38 x 16.

Polyurethane is a synthetic oil based varnish that deposits a highly durable and protective coating on painted and bare wood surfaces. The application procedure is the same but hardened concrete may need cleaning first. If water beads up or otherwise sits on top of surface then surface does not need protection at this time.

One way to apply thompsons water seal to a deck is to use a product called twist n reach which consists of a paint roller on a telescoping pole. You can try this product in lieu of threading a paint roller onto a pole the typical approach. Can you paint over thompsons water seal.

I cant remember what it is off the top of my head but its on the container. You can also apply thompsons waterseal to hardened concrete to seal out moisture. Sealants that are suitable for use over painted wood include the following.

You can paint over thompsons water seal after 3 4 days with an oil based paint and after 30 days with a water based paint or stain. It may not be the best thing to use o. If water absorbs and darkens color of substrate within five seconds surface is porous and considered ready to be treated.

Thompsons water seal is forumlated for outdoor use.

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