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Chinese Elm Wood Database

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Ive now since separated them into two distinct pages similar to the superficial division between narra and amboyna. Elm is brought to you by your local library or school media center minitex and state library services the mn state library agency with state appropriations to the minnesota office of higher education and the minnesota department of education.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree Semi Cascade 22 X13 X20 Ulmus Parvifolia

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On line searching has currently gone a protracted approach.

Chinese elm wood database. It hasnt worn out the concept of searching in a very physical store however it gave the customers. Usda nrcs national plant data center baton rouge louisiana courtesy of smithsonian institution department of botany alternative names drake elm lacebark elm uses horticulture. Hard and soft scanspictures.

Its modified the way customers and entrepreneurs do business these days. Shown below is a piece of lumber from a small tree that was killed by dutch elm disease. Most of the elms make great shade and avenue trees and chinese elm is one of the best.

The siberian elm was planted in large numbers along fence rows and as other windbreaks in the mid west after the dust bowl days. The chinese has a more delicate leaf with a finer saw tooth edge and the leaves stand on shorter stalks off the twigs. The chinese elm ulmus parvifolia is an underutilized landscape tree that can serve a variety of uses in the home garden.

Plant symbol ulpa contributed by. The chinese elm is a landscape tree found mostly in suburban areas in yards parks and whatnot. Chinese elm wood altar style end table china furniture and arts low price for chinese elm wood altar style end table china furniture and arts check price to day.

Throughout history man has chosen elm when he needed a tough and durable wood. The wood of the hard elms sometimes referred to as rock elm generally range from 41 to 47 lbsft 3 while soft elms typically have a density from 35 to 38 lbsft 3. The chinese called elm yumu and worked it into utilitarian furniture that would take abuse.

Being so young there was very little heartwood formed yet the darker brown wood on the right half with the majority of the wood being sapwood light area on the left half of the scans. The most basic division of elm species is between hard and soft elm. Fine furnituremakers called on elm too but in the.

As the name suggests chinese elm is native to the far east originating. Wheelwrights fashioned wheel hubs from nothing but the rugged elm and then used it to floor long lasting wagon beds. As we continue our quest to find the most unique treasures in the world we have acquired this stunning wood reclaimed from ancient chinese structures some of which are 400 to 600 years old.

Since carpathian elm is just the burl form of english elm i initially had the two species listed on the same page. Chinese elm ulmus parvifolia jacq.

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