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Clogged Shower Drain Plunger

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Using this process you can unplug your shower drain using a plunger and a towel nothing else needed including any expensive chemicals. To unclog a shower drain start by using a screwdriver to remove the drain stopper.

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You can clear most shower drain clogs with a plunger.

Clogged shower drain plunger. Inspect the interior of the drain to see if you can locate and remove the source of the clog. Then grab a flashlight and look down the drain to see if you can identify what is causing the clog. If it is hair or something you can see use your hands or a pair of pliers to pull it out of the drain.

Now place the plunger over the drain and fill your shower with a little bit of water so that the bottom of the plunger is covered. Use a flashlight to look for hair clogs in the drain opening. Place the rubber cup of the plunger over the drain opening and run enough water into the shower stall to cover the lip of the cup.

Shower drains clog as they have to constantly deal with a lot of hair and debris. 37 out of 5 stars 35. Begin pushing the plunger up and down.

In order to plunge most effectively stop up your showers overflow opening with a wet rag because it will ensure that the force exerted by the plunger will remain only on the source of the clog. Skip to main content. Plunging causes suction to force air through the pipes to push out the clog.

Move the plunger handle up and down rapidly to force out the clog. This stuff is important and will help the plunger properly emit enough force to remove the clog. While taking a shower if you notice that water is getting accumulated at your feet and is not being able to flow down the drain easily you have a clogged shower drain.

Fill the shower with a small amount of water just. Next you will need to stop the showers overflow drain using a wet rag. If plunging the clogged pipe doesnt work your next option is to use a plumbers snake.

Thinvik power toilet plunger set drain clog remover tool drain snake tub drain cleaner opener air drain blaster gun bellows plunger for sink bath toilets bathroom shower kitchen clogged pipe bathtub. This process is completely harm free and will not hurt. Grab a plunger knowing how to unclog a drain with a plunger could preclude the use of a caustic chemical drain cleaner.

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Clogged Shower Drain
Clogged Shower Drain
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