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Coarse Vs Fine Thread Wood Screws

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I realize that coarse are intended more for soft woods and fine are intended for harder woodsi dont really like stocking both though so i figured that the coarse ones would win out. Posted 912015 in kreg tool tips.

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The height of each thread is greater than the corresponding fine thread so there is more material between each thread making flank engagement greater.

Coarse vs fine thread wood screws. Does anyone hang their sheets with drywall nails and. Compared to fine threaded screws coarse threaded ones takes less time to insert or remove. This is because the screw travels further in one rotation due to the greater space between threads.

Fine thread vs course thread screws. The selection between fine and coarse will depend on the type of wood you are working with. I ran across two boxes of 1 14 screws the other day.

Is there any good reason to not use fine fast thread screws for screwing to wood studs and joists. Coarse threads are more durable and have greater resistance to stripping and cross threading. Why use fine thread or coarse thread drywall screws.

Question poplar although technically a hard wood is relatively soft. Im milling poplar into 34 x 2 12 for the frames and everything will be joined with pocket screws. Originally drywall screws were fine threaded and intended for commercial construction.

Match screws to material hardness. When do i use fine versus coarse thread screws. I remember not to long ago the sheetrockers boss arrived with a box of coarse thread screws and the guy yelled at him.

Joining by kreg tool company different woods have different screw holding abilities which is why you will find that kreg screws are available in two different thread types. For hardwoods like oak you will want to use the fine thread screws. In the 20 plus years of building cabinets and furniture i never have had the problem of stripped and cracking wood joints like was discussed at great length a couple months ago.

Hi mike i use fine thread in almost all of my projects as the course screw is pretty agressive by nature of the thread pitch. Home construction used nails to tack drywall to boards. Should i use the fine thread screws intended for hardwoods or go with the coarse thread screws normally used on pine etchuh.

The use of drywall screws in home construction quickly became popular because the screws have better traction and go into studs faster. Coarse threaded screws are less likely to jam if the screw is inserted at an angle. For softwoods like pine you will want to use the coarse screws.

One is coarse and one is fine thread. Coarse thread and fine thread.

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