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Colt Maxicut Extension

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The scalloped wave cutter edge reduces the tendency of bits of this kind to cause irreparable damage to your workpiece by snagging in the wood and then skidding across the surface when you start to drill a hole with a handheld drill. The high tolerance of the fit between the two pieces guarantees an optimal transmission of torque to the bit eliminating the chance of slippage.

Packard Woodworks The Woodturner S Source Colt Maxi Cut Forstner Bits

Colt Maxicut Forstner Bit O 25 Mm Forstner Bits Dictum

Horst Meibach Drill Bits Wood Magazine

Maxicut forstner bits feature a patented rotastop shank design that locks positively into standard drill chucks and rotastop extension shanksmorse taper adapters eliminating the chance of slipping while drilling.

Colt maxicut extension. Lathes millers grinders shapers borers and other machine tool instruction operation and maintenance manuals handbooks and parts manuals. Colt rotastop extension shaft these extension shafts use a socket precisely shaped to fit over the rotastop wave form of the colt maxicut bits. Drill even deeper with your colt maxicut forstner drill bits using a colt maxicut extension shank.

Welcome to planet plus ltd some new products added so you can increase your profit by stocking more traditional woodworking tools and a wider range of wood turning products. Fisch forstner bits with wave cutter technology produce very clean holes in double quick time.

Colt Maxicut Forstner Bit Deep Drilling Into End Grain Youtube

C10800100 Colt Maxicut 1 Morse Taper Adaptor

Colt Maxicut Plus Forstner Bits O 45 Mm Forstner Bits Dictum

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Colt Maxicut
Colt Maxicut
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