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Dividing Head Plates

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That is easily and precisely rotated to preset angles or circular divisionsindexing heads are usually used on the tables of milling machines but may be used on many other machine tools including drill presses grinders and boring machines. Phone 815434 5897 fax 815434 5898 ottawa illinois.

Indexing Or Dividing Head

Dividing Head Index Plates

Kearney Trecker 12 Model K Dividing Head Two Plates 849 Ind28 At

With a 601 worm drive a 6 hole circle would be all that i would require in order to use the dividing head to mark out a protractor 6 times 60 being 360 so rotating the input shaft by one hole in the 6 hole circle gives one degree rotation of the output shaft.

Dividing head plates. This kit consists of 2 adaptor plates and and a large tailstock to bring the centre height up to 3 116. Click on the thumbnail for a larger photo. I am not familiar with what plates the carroll came with.

There is something to be said for going with stock parts. A dividing head is a tool that is used to divide a circle into equal divisions. A fairly simple dividing head i made a simple indexer some years back.

An indexing head also known as a dividing head or spiral head is a specialized tool that allows a workpiece to be circularly indexed. Myford headstock adaptor ref. It works well but i can only divide in numbers that are already drilled into an indexing plate.

But at the end of the day for most dividing heads only the center hole the mount bolt circle matter. This provides a robust system for the use of the versatile dividing head on the milling machine. Im retired relatively new to machining and would like to add the ability to make gears and other things requiring accurate indexing.

Think of drilling holes for the spokes of wheels cutting a spur gear milling flat sided columns cross drilling etc. Used machine vises drill press vises rotary tables spacers and sine plates. Versatile dividing head milling kit ref.

As proposed by g h thomas for the myford dividing head these additional components will allow the westbury attachment to be cantilevered from the back of the myford spindle. Making equal divisions on the circumference or on the face of a turned part is a frequent shop task. And making one for your lathe by jim sapp using the standard dividing head.

At this time i dont see any need for me to be able to tilt the work at other than the horizontal or vertical that the rotary table gives. A geared dividing head.

Interstate Dividing Head 2mt Semi Universal With Tailstock

Machining Dividing Head Index Plates Drilling Hole Patterns My

Shars Bs 0 Dividing Head Plates Milling Set Tail Head Stock New Ebay

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