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Diy Router Mortise Jig

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It has a fixed stop on one end and an adjustable stop on the other end to limit the length of the mortise. This shop made jig works in conjunction with your router and its edge guide.

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The morley mortiser creates mortises for loose tenons to join parts together in multiple applications and angles.

Diy router mortise jig. Ttto make a mortise and loose tenon joint cut matching mortises in two pieces. Inspired by the wood whisperer episode 63 gadget station pt 6 where marc uses a one time use jig for installing a soss invisible hinge something ive done before only i did it the hard way this jig has stops for positioning it on the work pieces and stops to control the router travel for the mortise length. Bryans router mortising jig.

Mortise and tenon joints are usually cut on a table saw but they can be made using a router as well. The key is this simple to build and easy to use mortising jig. Cut the mortise with a plunge router.

Mortise loose tenons. The jig limits the movement of the router during the cut. Everything follows from the mortise proportions.

The key to precise results is guiding the router accurately so the sides of the mortise end up perfectly smooth straight and parallel to the faces of the workpiece. This jig is easy to make easy to use and is the perfect diy tool to make clean precise and repeatable mortises every time. Specifically a plunge router with a spiral upcut bit and a simple jigthe jigwhich is explained on the next pageensures identical mortisesand as a resultperfectly aligned pieces.

Clamping the workpiece in place only takes a second. Mark and cut the mortise. Mark the length and width of your intended mortise with a square and extend layout lines a short distance onto the adjacent un mortised faces of the workpiece to serve as reference lines later see photo 1.

And the clincher is that from setup to completion the whole process takes only a few minutes. A hand held plunge router can be a great tool for cutting mortises. The joints are rounded when using a router but they are just as strong as squared off mortises and tenons.

The technique is easy to master and the results are top notch. One of the best ways to get the biggest bang from a plunge router is to put it to work routing mortises. Since this mortising jig is dedicated to a specific size mortise laying out your mortised workpiece is the first step in building the jig.

This shop made mortising jig was originally designed by philip morley. This mortising jig is the way to go. Router woodworking beginner woodworking projects woodworking techniques popular woodworking woodworking workshop learn woodworking woodworking hacks diy router router jig 5 router jigs improve your accuracy and control.

Homemade Router Mortising Jig Homemadetools Net

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Mortise Jig
Mortise Jig
Mortise and tenon joints for cabinets furniture
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