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Fisher Anvil Value

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The fishers were made not to have a ring. Apparently some tv show had a guy with a really nice anvil couldnt recollect manufacturer but the price was pretty dang.

Nice Fisher Eagle 150 Lb Blacksmith Farrier Anvil T Area D

Antique Rare Blacksmith Anvil 100 Lb 1843 1880 Fisher Norris Eagle

Rare Size 13 Pound Fisher Anvil Near Mint 80633u As Of June 15

Can someone please tell me what i should ask for it.

Fisher anvil value. It is a 120 lb fisher made in 1900. Have an old anvil and im wondering how much its worth selfblacksmith submitted 3 years ago by ltsmash487 so i have an antique anvil laying around and im looking to sell it. Fisher norris was the first large scale manufacturer of anvils in the us.

I just saw a 90 lb anvil on ebay for 400 bucks no manufacturer name or anthing. We are located in san diego county ca. Looks to be in pretty good shape.

So the total weight is 224 84 5 313lbs. Tips when buying anvils. I choose my 95 pounder for many reasons price overall condition location but the size and weight was a definite consideration.

Up until this time all good anvils were forged from wrought iron and faced with tool steel that was forge welded to the body. If you are really interested in anvil collecting a real must have is richard postmans book anvils in america. Any nsfw posts will be reviewed by the mods and may be removed based on our judgement of the value of the content.

They used a patent process that welded a tool steel plate onto a cast iron body in the mold when the anvil was cast. I got mine at a yard sale for 200. The fisher is a decent anvil but i have not really forged on one myself.

The fisher used a tool steel plate and that is most likely the most important. A fisher anvil that was only 100 pounds that looked to be new old stock from 1895 sold for about 365wow and the 350 pound fisher is almost at 700 i bet those people. Like it was said earlier used anvil are going for 300 a pound.

The controversy with the smiths ive talked to is that it is a cast anvil with a plate on it vs. I have a 1942 fisher anvil on a stand. I was up in kernvill on irish weekend and an antique dealer told me why anvils went sky high.

Im selling lots of things from my fathers ranch. One that was wrought on the bottom. At the time i was not married yes my husband is my muscle when i need it these days and i was renting a house so i didnt have a proper shop.

1942 fisher anvil on stand worth. Now you can tell the dude that the anvil is dead because it doesnt ring. Never knew that someone could write 552 pages on anvils.

Even wrought anvils have tool steel type plates on them. I have a 300 fisher made in 1916. I just bought this anvil today from a fellow trying to sell it at a scrap yard for 2000.

Fisher Anvil 1913

Fisher Anvil

100 Lb Fisher Anvil Near Mint Auctions Online Proxibid

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Fisher Anvil
Fisher Anvil
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