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Flattening Boards

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My favorite approach to flattening wide boards involves a combination of hand and power tools. It may have cup curl andor twist all examples of warp.

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Flattening Boards By Hand

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The problem is getting them flat.

Flattening boards. The coolest slabs are usually too big to go through a planer or sander and end grain slabs shouldnt go through a planer anyway. This is one way to flatten large boards using primarily an electric thickness planer without the help of a jointer. I lay the board on my flat benchtop and use a machinists straight edge accurate to 00001 to confirm that the convex side of the board is facing up.

How to flatten boards with just a planer. A handheld power planer is the key to this technique. It seems that if i could support a twisted cupped bowed or otherwise warped board from below using a fixture i could get one side of the board flat with repeated passes through my planer.

If a board lays flat over night you can come in the shop an it will be cupped up. In woodworking there are often many routes to reach the same destination. By practicing my technique youll be able to tackle boards that are too wide for your jointer as well as flatten wide boards and tabletops with ease.

Twisted boards are the toughest to flatten. Lean it agains a wall so air can get to all sides and usually goes flat. Wood slabs can make great tables.

Question i need to flatten some boards that are too wide for my 6 jointer. My favorite tools httpswww. A cupped board should be set convex side up at first to prevent rocking.

Like electricity i always take the path of least resistance. Mark the point of the board that is the highest off the benchtop. Curl is deviation from flat along the length of a.

Shim the board under the high spots so it wont rock. For really wide boards youll have to abandon stationary machines. Kilns are used to dry most boards to about a 7 10 moisture content.

In order to flatten a warped twisted or cupped boar. Flip it over and let lay overnight it will cup the other way. Fortunately there is an easy way to flatten any oversized board using a shop made jig and a router.

Cup is deviation from flat across the width of a board. First you need a flat surface larger than the board. Even thickness is what matters.

Bowed boards are the easiest to flatten. How to flatten really large boards without a large expensive jointer. I use a flat reference board and a planer to demension these massive oak boards.

This new rough lumber is never truly flat and straight. End grain cutting boards move all over the place all the time.

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Flattening Boards By Hand

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Flattening Boards With A Planer
Flattening Boards With A Planer
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Flattening Boards With A Router
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Flattening Boards With A Hand Planer
Flattening Boards With A Hand Planer
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Flattening Boards With A Jointer
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