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French Polish Wax

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Guide to french polishing. Preparation of the surface for french polishing is extremely important.

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This sheaf is bound tightly along its length.

French polish wax. Thom stevens 26418 views. Any imperfections in the wood or dust that settles onto the surface while youre working will show up in the polish. Preparation of surface for polishing.

If any blemishes in the finish need to be addressed sand them out using 1200 grit wetdry sandpaper and a couple of drops of oil. The wadding used must be unbleached to retain its springiness during polishing cotton wool is not suitable. It is essential therefore that the surface is clean and fine sanded.

Any slight imperfections which might not be noticeable under varnish or oil finishes would be apparent under french polish. Then you start applying french polish with cotton wool wadding. Squirt a bit of denatured alcohol onto your finger and rub the side of the piece.

Unsubscribe from kari hultman. You coat the wood with a thin coat of shellac and when dry sand it down. If you polish in a figure of eight on a table top you seem to catch all of the areas and then you go with the grain to take the extra bits off.

Begin with a clean perfectly smooth wood surface and a clean dust free warm room. Applying the french polish. A cold room will cause the polish to be cloudy.

Before making use of it one soaks it in molten wax which one lets cool after which one rubs the polish on a piece of wood to smooth it and make it proper to polish the work. French polishing consists of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in denatured alcohol using a rubbing pad lubricated with one of a variety of oils see below. Don williams on traditional french polish kari hultman.

How to french polish furniture step one preparation preparation of the surface to be polished is extremely important and to achieve the best results it is necessary to remove any slight imperfections that may not be noticeable under a varnish or wax finish. The polisher figures 8 9 is a sheaf of ordinary grass or straw about 4 thumbs long by about 2 thumbs in diameter. The rubbing pad is made of absorbent cotton or wool cloth wadding inside of a piece of fabric usually soft cotton cloth and is commonly referred to as a fad.

Mix 3 ounces of shellac flakes with 1 pint of denatured alcohol. However french polishing as a process creates a much higher shine which is achieved by rubbing the polish using a pad of wadding wrapped in a cotton cloth and known as a rubber. Make an oil shellac wax finish duration.

If it doesnt its polyurethane. Remove the sawdust with a very light amount of alcohol and continue polishing and spiriting as necessary to eliminate the blemish and even out the finish. If it dulls it is french polish.

If you want to shine up a piece of furniture with a french polish finish first test that the finish is truly french polish.

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Architectural French Polishing Titian Interiors

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French Polish Wax Sticks
French Polish Wax Sticks
Just choose colour required and soft wax
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