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Garage Vapor Barrier Installation

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I want to put a floor over the top of the concrete but i need to first isolate the moisture in the concrete. I want to convert this space and use it year round.

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A vapor barrier reduces the movement of water vapor by.

Garage vapor barrier installation. On the one hand ive read about how air leakage is the main culprit of transporting moisture so i plan to air seal as best as i can with spray foam and caulk. Always refer to current local code recommendations when deciding if and how to install vapor barriers. It has a concrete floor.

To be effective a vapor barrier must be installed in a way that prevents any water vapor from getting to the slab. For example the recommended vapor barrier in a home or office in a humid southern climate built with brick varies greatly from creating a vapor barrier in a cold climate in a home built with wood siding. I have a breezway that connects my kitchen and garage.

The vapor barrier should be placed on top of the subbase directly underneath the concrete. Astm e 1643 standard practice for installation of vapor retarders used in contact with earth or granular fill under concrete slabs provides details but here are a few tips. A vapor barriers job is to keep water vapor in humid air from diffusing through one side of a wall and finding a cool surface inside the wall.

When a vapor barrier is on the side of a wall where the dry air is ie outside in winter or inside in summer moisture problems can occur. Im so confused about vapor barriers. Dont place a sand or gravel blotter layer on top of the vapor barrier.

Ive read the articles here and on other sites and it seems like i cant get a final decision. Vapour barrier is on the top of the rafter then insul then board if heating garage insul vapour then board need hatch for summer to let out hot air im a insulator typar is a better product in a. If youre installing rigid foam under the slab put the vapor barrier on top of the foam.

I live in upstate ny. I live in mn and am insulating my garage ceiling in an attached garage. Im afraid if i just lay a vapor barrier down over the concrete i will end up with mold on the underside of the.

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