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Glue Pot For Hide Glue Html

homemade hide glue pot one of the primary reasons i think most contemporary woodworkers are a bit leery of animal hide glue is that it requires a bit more attention than other glues the glue is applied hot around 140 degrees this requires a double boiling

hot glue pot combo hand made brass pot for hide glue electric warmer and 1 2 pound of hide glue 3 3 out of 5 stars 28 110 00 110 00 get it as soon as wed sep 25 free shipping by amazon only 11 left in stock order soon hold heet electric glue pot 1 quart

the pot maintains hide glue at 150 155 degrees f when 2 3 to 3 4 full approx 10 degrees higher when using a lid ground hide glue is the traditional luthier x27 s glue that creates stronger wood joints than bottled liquid hide glues also used for pickup potting a perfect wax melting pot

fish glue can fill voids more than hot hide glue fish glue is better than hot hide glue for gluing non wood parts like pearl inlays or metal to wood both glues are great natural protein glues with many of the same characteristics i use fish glue when i need the long set time hot hide glue for anything else wood to wood

hide glue is one of my favorite glues and one i consider almost perfect for many woodworking joints it works easy can fill gaps leaves a clear line mixes with sawdust to accept most wood stains and dies and it doesn x27 t quot stain quot the wood like yellow glue can

i bought a small crock pot two years ago for 7 on sale at my local hardware store it keeps things at 140 f and works well for hide glue i put water in the pot and mix the glue in a can at the end of the day i unplug it and leave the lid on with the glue can in the pot i can use the same glue for four or five days this way

empty the hide glue into the second inner pan warm the glue over a medium heat setting add the powdered chalk or gypsum to the hide glue mixture slowly and cautiously spread the powder around the pot so that it soaks into the glue evenly

hide glue in convenient ready to use liquid form it forms strong joints but allows joint disassembly with a hot knife shelf life is 12 18 months if stored in a cool dry location titebond liquid hide glue includes an expiration date on the bottle because it can progressively lose its ability

this is a video about how to mix hide glue granules with water to get a good working consistency the consistency changes over time due to evaporation or adding a little too much granules it is better to understand the consistency rather than a strict following of the advertised raitos but they are a good starting point

hide glue is made in a double boiler to prevent the glue from over heating or becoming scorched on the bottom half of a soup can or other metal container could be suitable i use a copper glue pot from an alcohol lamp heated glue pot assembly that i purchased some time ago this is the outer jacket that holds the hot water

one of my teachers thatteaches fiddle had a soup pot hgeater on his work bench i said what do you do with that he said a cheap glue pot buy it at drugstores or wallmart mine is made by rival i use a clean jelly jar to hold the hide glue i put about three cups opf water in the boiler and this boiler has a rheostat it works great for me

i need to use small amounts of hide glue for a bureau restoration that needs to be x27 original x27 and reversible i have the glue but x27 proper x27 glue pots are expensive and too large does anyone have experience and a recommendation for something that can be used occasionally for small quantities preferably inexpensive and electric e g a mini

this item hot glue pot combo hand made brass pot for hide glue electric warmer and 1 2 pound of hide glue 110 00 only 5 left in stock order soon sold by musicaravan and ships from amazon fulfillment

a few hours later the glue has absorbed all the water because of the size of the granules the glue has taken on the exact consistency of the flying fish roe i get on my sushi ok if you don x27 t eat bait then just think of it as little jelly granules now i x27 ll quot cook quot the glue i x27 m just heating the glue in a pot of water

hide glue is one of the most versatile strong and easy to use glues ironically it also one of the oldest forms of glue and most woodworkers and instrument makers are not familiar with its use

im not sure if this has been posted before but i found a great link on a clock restoration site the article shows how to make a glue pot under 20 dollars as an alternative to the more expensive electric glue pots available to luthiers it also discusses freezing left over hide glue in ice cube t

the franklin liquid hide glue doesn x27 t attain the strength you need for guitar joints guitars have thin woods and small gluing areas so you need a pretty high performance glue a 1 lb can of behlens hide glue will build a lot of guitars for 14 i just got a new 1 qt crock pot for 12 95 works great

hide glue was used for almost everything quot back in the day quot and is still an excellent option for many projects including bows but whether you choose to use it for quot primitive quot or modern means this is definitely one of those products that falls under the quot first not worst quot category

the next day add the salt then heat the jar of goop in the glue pot of your choice at 140 150 for 2 hours i use a 10 dollar crock pot that i bought at walmart the quot warm quot setting is perfect for hot hide glue

i don x27 t like to leave my glue pot on for days like some people do i usually turn off the pot at the end of the day and store my glue in the fridge until the next day but i just read somewhere that the glue can only be re heated a few times before loosing it x27 s glue strength i have not run into any problems as of yet

hide glue especially if you mix your own and use a hot glue pot is a different animal and takes a little getting used to there is a wealth of information about it on the web there are different strengths available and they all have different gelling times i agree with chris about using some titebond hide glue first

contrary to what some would have us believe hot hide glue is not complicated to use and is actually very forgiving you also don x27 t need expensive glue pots to use it

to prepare glue for key rebushing add glue crystals about 3 8 quot deep in a small jar or can then add water into the glue container until it just covers the glue then add water to the pot outside the glue jar equal in depth to the glue level one advantage of this pot is its temperature control shown here hot hide glue should be kept at 145 to 150 degrees f

dry hide glue can be found on our web site at www violins ca supplies hide glue html an excellent plastic glue pot with 2 sections one for glue one for hot water as well as an electric glue pot can be found here www violins ca tools tools herdim html dry hide glue can last indefinitely

convert to collagen a free printable liquid hide glue recipe granules and salt i x27 ve posted before about making your own liquid hide glue but i fear that not all the readers here are committed enough to purchase a digital scale and urea prills

hide glue sticks to surfaces by electrochemical attraction or specific adhesion mechanical bonds like little quot fingers quot may help modern adhesives such as epoxy because of their very high cohesive strength but with hide glue x27 s low cohesive strength roughening joint surfaces will not help adhesion

hide glue is one of my favorite furniture glues but i often hear people remark that it would be fun to try hot hide glue but the cost of buying a glue pot was prohibitive a couple of years ago i was giving seminars on hide glue one of my favorite furniture glues after the seminars i often heard

my 50 year old hold heet glue pot is ready for its 3rd rebuild i bought it around 25 years ago predominantly for keyboard instrument work however i have always felt as though it is too large 1 qt for violin work and i always fill it with water insert a 50ml beaker to hold the glue at any rat

i always have some not too old hide glue from granules in a covered jam jar quot glue pot quot in the refrigerator ready to use ever since the time i overhauled 5 player pianos i heat the glue pot in a pan of water when i need it to 135 145 degrees f first on the stove then on an electric hot plate in my shop measuring the temperature with a turkey

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