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Grooving Plane Blades

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It holds two cutters and originally the one to the right was a wider one meaning if youre working with stock that isnt 78 the wider cutter will still trim it. A pair of shopmade grooving planes.

3 Groove Width 25mm Max Depth Of Cut 45372794 Msc

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Designed to work on stock from 34 to 1 14 the groove centers on stock 78.

Grooving plane blades. Unfortunately the efficiency and tranquility of my work were always interrupted. Once the plane bodies were out of the clamps and trimmed up nice and neat it was time to turn them into planes. Most planes eject their shavings through the top opening parallel to the blade.

It worked great but was a borrowed plane. Also making all the adjustments was a bit tedious. Time in the shop is sparse in the summertime.

Yet i have found time to make a pair of grooving planes. Find great deals on ebay for grooving plane. Those grooves are always the same width and the same distance from the edge of their boards.

He designed planes to make 18 grooves but theres no reason you cant alter the plans to house a 14 blade. So i decided that id make a pair of small grooving planes. How to make a grooving plane with hand tools and oak i was in need of a grooving plane for an up coming project so i decided to take the plunge and make my own hand plane to cut a 14 groove.

Make a pair of grooving planes w hen i make a cabinet with small drawers or a box with trays i enjoy the time at my workbench making and fitting the parts with hand tools and a few bench jigs make short work of small parts fww 214. Skip to main content. Spaulding mclean indicating that it was made by nathaniel spaulding of mclean new york who made planes in mcclean from 1824 to 1860 before moving to ithica and changing his makers mark.

Antique circa 1824 1860 n. These are destined for making grooves that hold the bottom panels of boxes. Some kind of grooving plane i knew would be great.

50 to cut grooves. As constructed they wouldnt cut because the shavings had no place to go. Fine woodworking had an article on making grooving planes years ago.

And i didnt want to waste time searching the internet looking for one. Wood planer professional tools woodworking tools diy hand plane slot grooving. He designed planes to make 18 grooves but theres no reason you cant alter the plans to house a 14 blade.

Ive used a stanley no. Spaulding skew rabbet plane this antique wooden skewed rabbet or shoulder plane features its original blade and is marked n. This stanley 48 is a tonguing and grooving plane.

Brand new unbranded. Grooving planes 4 tweaking and tuning.

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Grooving Plane
Grooving Plane
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