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Guitar Neck Radius Sanding Block

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7975 cameron drive bldg. 1600 windsor california 95492 toll free.

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2 Radius Sanding Blocks 7 25 9 5 10 12 14 16 For Guitar Bass Fret

Guitar Leveling Fret Fingerboard 15 Radii Radius Sanding Block 13 X

While other guitar manufacturers increasingly build their instruments in mexico korea china indonesia and other places known for inexpensive labor and in a market where computer aided manufacturing is the norm and mass produced instruments dominate the team of craftsmen at heritage do the exact opposite.

Guitar neck radius sanding block. Pickup cavities round over the edges etc. Heritage guitar has a history of going its own way. Wood for a solid body guitar wood for an acoustic guitar.

You can use a different radiused sanding block to effectively change the radius of the fretboard by removing more fret where required. Luthiers mercantile international inc. I generally use heat when removing frets.

I wasnt taking any 60s builds lately because i was running low on real high quality pre cites brazilian rw boards. Luthiers mercantile international inc. My book building electric guitars available in english and in german contains more than 600 photos.

So i am going to go to post a basic how to thread on making a neck withough any jigs or expensive tools like a jointer or thickness planer. Its a good way to determine if glue was used during installation and facilitates easier removal. 7975 cameron drive bldg.

Refretting guitars step 1. Guitar building tips wood. Im expecting to re stock in about a week and the client who is a member of this great forum was kind enough to wait for the wood to arrive.

A small router can do almost all guitar building tasks eg. However a small router should not be used for trimming the sides because the router bit required is long and it requires a bigger router. Building a solid body guitar.

1600 windsor california 95492 toll free. I know a lot of folks do not have the time or tools to build a guitar neck purely from scratch. With the help of this book you should be able to build any kind of solid body hollow body or semi acoustic guitar or bass.

Fretboard Radius Jig Homemade Fretboard Radius Jig Fashioned From

Guitar Neck Radius Sanding Block Masking Tape Superglue Method

Radius Sanding Block For Guitar Bass Fret Leveling Fingerboard

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