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Hard Vs Soft Maple

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A common measurement of wood hardness is the janka hardness test. Even though it is referred to as soft maple it is only soft in relation to hard maple.

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Differences Between Hard Maple And Soft Maple The Wood Database

Soft maple on the other hand is easier to carve so is better to use for intricate projects.

Hard vs soft maple. Will soft maple simply collapse like a polystyrene cup as its soft name implies. In the debate between hard maple vs soft maple the choice remains quite open. Lastly hard maple will hold up much better than soft and is at least twice the price.

What is the difference. Both types will be good for anything you are looking to do but with hard maple being up to 25 stronger than soft maple it is much better suited to heavy duty projects. The first is hard maple acer saccharum which many also refer to as sugar maple.

We are often asked about the differences between hard and soft maple as a material choice for cabinet doors other than the obvious price difference which can be significant. Sugar maple acer saccharum and black maple acer nigrum. Hard maple is commonly used in the manufacture of flooring furniture cabinets billiard cues and other finished wood products.

To answer this question and aid in the cabinet door selection process below is an overview of the main similarities and differences between hard maple and soft maple. The good news is that for many purposes soft maple will be hard enough to be used in place of hard maple. Soft maple hard maple is the common term for two species of maple trees.

Additionally hard maple will take a stain more evenly than soft maple. Substituting soft maple for hard maple doesnt seem to be the best choice unless you tell your customer and explain the differences between the two. Maple trees are one of the most common species found in the hardwood forests of north america.

There are many variations of the species but for practical purposes we separate maples into two types of lumber.

Differences Between Hard Maple And Soft Maple The Wood Database

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Hard Vs Soft Maple Tree
Hard Vs Soft Maple Tree
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Hard Maple Vs Soft Maple
Hard Maple Vs Soft Maple
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