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Honey Locust Vs Black Locust Flowers

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Honey locusts et al. The flowers of bl are extremely popular with bees and produce a very sweet aromatic honey.

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Seed pod black locust and honey locust both have thin smooth shiny seed pods that hang from the flowers.

Honey locust vs black locust flowers. Both black and honey locusts trees have beautiful white flowers that have a very aromatic fragrance. You may also come across some black locusts with pink or purple flowers. The black locust is also known as the false acacia or yellow locust and there are about 10 species.

Honey locust leaves also make decent fodder with 20 crude protein though i dont believe its as productive as black locust. The seed pods of a honey locust tree are huge and can grow up to a foot long or 12 inches. T he black locust tree robinia pseudoacacia is famous for producing a fruity and fragrant honey that ranges from water white to lemon yellow to yellowish greena batch of monofloral black locust honey with little cross contamination from other flowers can be as clear as a glass jar.

Both black and honey locust trees produce new leaves during late spring. Honey locust works well in pastures for pod production. 2018 was the most trying year weve ever had producing locust honey.

The honey is high in fructose so it can be stored for long periods without crystallizing. What is the difference between black and honey locust trees. However honey locusts develop new leaves slightly earlier than the.

If i had to describe the fragrance its like tupelo honey sweetened with rose otto. I wanted to write a brief description of the similarities and differences of honey locust herein referred to as hl and black locusts herein referre. Black locust and honey locust both have clusters of hanging fragrant white flowers with a light shade of yellow in the lower center of each petal.

Allows more sunlight through during the growing season than black locust and drops pods for fodder during late fall and winter. The black locust tree produces white flowers that are intensely fragrant. Black vs honey locust trees.

And are arranged on axillary pendulous racemes. Black locust flowers are sweetly fragrant of orange blossom honey and the scent carries best in warm humid weather on a south breeze. Honey locust flowers on the other hand are ambrosia.

The black locust trees botanical name is robinia pseudoacacia and the honey locust trees is gleditsia triacanthos. The black locust and honey locust are trees that grow in warm climates. The colour of these flowers can range from a beautiful white to purple.

Raw locust honey pleasant tasting honey aromatic and ranging from water white to light yellow in color this honey comes from the black locust tree which flowers in long white racemes.

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