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How Much Can You Cut Off A Solid Core Door

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Exterior doors are usually solid core and are much heavier than the interior hollow core doors. Hinge placement and installation will be important of course.

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Hollow core doors have only a narrow strip of solid wood around the perimeter and if these doors are trimmed too much the structural part can be removed completely leaving two thin layers of plywood or particle board with no backing.

How much can you cut off a solid core door. Most hollow core doors have meat on each side so this can be done without compromising the ability of the door to hang properly. You can make a new piece or. I find it easier to just trim one end at the bottom.

How much can you typically take off the bottom of a hollow core door. My experience is the same as all the above the only thing ill add is that you might haveto dig out some weird cardboardplastic baffles that are in there to get the new base in. Get tips on using safety glasses and an old carbide saw blade which will cut right through the staples in the door.

I would check to see how square your opening is before i cut too. Assuming it is a flat slab you can cut as much as you need to off. How to cut a hollow core door.

You may have to cut it at a slight angle. I dont think the issue is weakening the door on a solid door as much as not having a enough solid wood on the edges to mortise into or screw the hinges onto. Find out how to cut off a solid core door.

One advantage of using solid wood doors is the ability to trim them down to size. Make sure that the bottom of the door is still solid. Then you have to replace the solid strip of wood that is inside the door.

I saw your follow up post so i know you are dealing with a hollow core door. Hey guys i wanted to replace my bedroom door with a new 6 panel solid core door but keep the existing frame. You cant use a push stick when youre using the miter gauge so do not stand behind the cut off piece when cutting a door lengthwise.

Examine the bottom of the door. There is only about 1 inch to play with so you must be careful when cutting the length of the door. Let the blade slow down and stop then remove the cut off piece.

You are probably real close if you cut one inch off each edge. Unfortunately its 80 inches tall and it needs to be cut down to 78 inches. Hollow core doors have a 3 inch block of wood inside the bottom of the door.

Cutting a solid core door selfhomeimprovement submitted 3 years ago by ryan0101. The rails at the top and the bottom of the door are only 1 inch thick.

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