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How To Attach A Router To A Table

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The table will have a fence which will guide the wood over the. However my table saw has an extension that was not really doing anything other than.

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Measure the depth of the route and the table.

How to attach a router to a table. To do this use double sided tape to position one of the guide strips so its parallel with one edge of where youd like the plate located. Drop the acrylic and router into the table so it fits flush. Use your table saws fence to make a straight rabbet.

Attach your router to the permanent router attachment plate on the top of your router table. Then use the insert plate to locate the other strips as shown in step 1. It might take a few tries to get the right holes.

Clive i recently built my router table and had a lot of the same questions. When making your jig take your base plate that you want to install in your router table and add that dimension you took earlier on all sides. This jig makes the groove that the lip of the router base sits on.

You will have to buy the router table which has a rectangular opening in the top. There will be a series of pre drilled holes in the attachment plate. Insert your router so the bit pokes up through the hole in the table and align the holes in your routers base plate with the pre drilled holes in the table top.

Line up the holes so the center is over the router bit and the mounting holes line up. Measure the dimensions of the router plate and cut the wood accordingly. When the router runs around the inside of the jig it removes stock that.

If there is an insert in the hole remove it. Use a drill to attach the screws to your router to the acrylic so it holds firmly in place. Hello everyone my name is nathan if this is your first time seeing one of my videos welcome.

Rotate the base of the router until the mounting holes in the base line up with a corresponding set of holes on the table. Hold the router upside down under the table and position it under the insert hole. Now you can make your jig.

After making the guide strips youre ready to locate the opening. Set your router upside down and place the sheet of acrylic on top of it. You also will need a kit that mounts on the bottom of the router so that you essentially hang the router upside down from the rectangular hole.

My router set is a hitachi one with the fixed and plunge attachments. A router table router came on sale locally similar to this one so i picked it up but hadnt anticipated just how much room it would take up on my workbench. Set it up so you can cut the rabbet and fit the routing plate into the table so they are perfectly aligned.

I keep the plunge out and the fixed is attached to a router table insert plate. Attach router to table. If you enjoyed my latest video please hit that subscribe button for more content thank you and i hope.

Add a router table to a table saw. 6 step router plate installation locate guide strips. The center part is cut out later.

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How To Attach A Router To A Table Saw
How To Attach A Router To A Table Saw
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