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How To Bondo Small Holes

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For a fiberglass or plastic part. The hard way is to weld over the holes and the easy way is to put body repair tape on behind the holes and bondo over them.

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Use the appropriate patch kit available at your local auto supply or auto paint store.

How to bondo small holes. Apply masking tape over the top of the hole and cut through the tape to the shape of the hole. Load up your spreader with some bondo mixture and scrape an 18 inch 032 cm layer over the damaged area. He fixes his farm tractors and such so im sure he can fill in these holes crossing fingers here.

The last time i welded over much larger holes the weld splatter damaged nearby paint a bit though the body shop has welders paper they say will protect the paint. Part 1 weld up antenna hole classic car muscle car episode 166 autorestomod duration. Ill go visit a friend who does welding.

Use a tiny file to grind out the holes. Allow the bondo to harden. It has minimal shrinkage and doesnt crack like other wood fillers do.

On your mixing pallet mix the bondo and hardener. Unsubscribe from donnies vlog. Fill any deep gouges that remain with more filler sanding when it is hard.

How to repair a hole in a car with bondo remove any metal that is not solid from around the area of the hole that is to be repaired. How to fill small dents and holes in a vehicles body. Spray the repaired area with sandable automotive primer.

I have been using bondo for a few years now to fill in holes from old hardware or dings for example. Can bondo fill holes. Allow the primer to dry.

Use a plastic or metal spreader to apply thin coats of filler. Let me show you how to use bondo to fill holes in wood. Thanks streverthats pretty much what i thought about bondo that it was for filling in dents or smaller holes.

Have a hole in wood you are wanting to paint. Put fiberglass screening or fine aluminum chicken wire beneath the hole on the underside of the body. For a hole in the metal part of the body.

If you wait longer the mixture will turn into a gel and wont stick to anything. Take a look below and ill show you how to fill holes in wood. Apply tape from underneath to back the hole for filling overfill slightly with jb weld when filler is firm scrape off the excess with a razor blade.

When finished you should have a relatively even surface with all surface holes and pits filled. Using your putty knife and spreader apply bondo to the surface that has been created by your fiberglass and epoxy. Step 4 apply bondo.

Make sure to apply the mixture within 3 minutes of combining.

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