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How To Cut Formica Countertop With Backsplash

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Normally the backsplash is cut before it is installed. The problem is i will need to cut the countertop back.

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Turn the formica countertop over.

How to cut formica countertop with backsplash. If you are needing to miter a 45 degree angle i have anther video for that on my. Ensure that you make the marks on the back sides of the countertop and backsplash. Before installation you can set the laminate piece on two sawhorses for cutting.

If you want to remove more than one inch of the countertop width you may cut at about 12 inch. Remember to use a steady movement and cut slowly. The teeth of the saw blade enter the face of the plastic laminate so chipping is minimal or nonexistent.

Attach a fine tooth blade to a jigsaw and then use the saw to cut through the countertop along your drawn cutting line. Before installation you can set the laminate piece on two sawhorses for cutting. Remove the masking tape.

The backsplash is solid cherry top is laminate. Once youve got the backsplash cut set the countertop on sawhorses and cut the wide section. Keep the saw going straight along the rear of the counter removing the upturned section of the backsplash while leaving the laminate that covered the section untouched.

Turn the jigsaw on and cut the corner out. Youll want to hold onto the cut off section so it doesnt snap off near the end of the cut and damage the laminate. Use a pencil to mark the points on the countertop and backsplash where you want to cut the countertop.

A laminate countertop should be accompanied by a laminate backsplash. If the laminate is already installed you can still cut it down but the wall texture underneath the laminate will probably need to be refinished afterwards. The instructions on this video shows a 90 degree straight cut.

The backsplash can range in height from a several inches to a few feet. Repeat this for the remaining three corners then lift the cutout from the countertop and check the opening to be certain the sink will fit. Place the jigsaw blade through the top where the cut from the circular saw stopped.

Normally the backsplash is cut before it is installed. How to cut off a laminate formed backsplash. The backsplash is the section of the countertop that stands upright against the kitchen or bathroom wall.

This video shows how to cut a laminate countertop. Adjust the saw blade depth and set it to around 18 inch so that it will only run along the thickest portion of the formica countertop. I made the top it is a one piece top in an l that is 5 wide on the return leg 25 deep to the wall.

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How To Cut Formica Countertop
How To Cut Formica Countertop
Most of the cutting is done with
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