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How To Cut Hardibacker Around Toilet

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Draw a circle on the backerboard centered over the pencil mark. Press the tip of a.

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How to cut backerboard around plumbing measure from the floor bathtub counter or other point where the edge of.

How to cut hardibacker around toilet. How to cut tile around a toilet install the full tiles surrounding the toilet first. Using the pencil mark any place that needs to be further cut out or made wider. Insert the other screw about a inch further from the center screw than the radius of the flange.

Step 4 knock out the wedges. Estimate your tile cuts and cut parallel slits in the paper in these areas. Allow the point of this screw to extend from the bottom of the wood about inch.

Create sheets of paper that are the same size as a whole tile. Gently knock out the wedges of the scored backerboard. To start the saw in cement backer board drill a hole though the backer board large enough for the jigsaw blade or make a plunge cut with the blade in the backer board.

Always be sure to wear dust and eye protection when cutting cement backer board. In other words if the flange is 6 inches put the second screw 3 inches from the one in the center. Place the backerboard around the toilet flange to test the fit.

How to cut cement board around a toilet flange. Lay each sheet into place and crease the slits along the toilet base. Measure from the edge of the backerboard sheet to those distances in both directions and mark.

Watch this video to find out more. Take care not to break or damage the edges of the circle.

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How To Cut Hardibacker
How To Cut Hardibacker
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