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How To Cut Lexan With Dremel

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What i did was i used a coarse sanding drum on my dremel at 35000 rpms and i melted my way through. A dremel cutting tool cuts with friction.

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Hack saw jewlery saw drill hole cutter jig saw.

How to cut lexan with dremel. Use a minimum of 2 clamps however make use of more if you can. And type of quick cutting saw will work. Drilling through plexiglass the plexiglass cracked about 50 of the time on me.

Here is what i would do if i did not have a suitable power saw. When you need to cut lexan you can essentially treat it as a sheet of plywood and cut it with any power saw you would use for that material. Unplug the dremel rotary tool if it is plugged in.

Turn the tool on to 6 or 8 and begin the cut. The reason the acrylic is melting is due to a lack of heat transfer. A jigsaw however actually tears the material away and most of the heat goes with the material you are removing.

Make straight cuts with a circular saw or table saw and curved ones with a band saw or jigsaw. You should use carbide tipped blades with closely spaced teeth. There is no standard tool on a dremel that im aware of that is perfect for cutting lexan.

Leave the end to be cut hanging over the side of the bench with lots of space in between it as well as bench. It does say that you can mill lexan with at bit more like the dremel router bits they recommend 25000 30000 rpm. But i would be concerned that a dremel doesnt have the torque needed to handle cutting plastic this thick.

Mark the plexiglass where it needs to be cut. Clamp the plexiglass to a sturdy surface. A dremel grinds away what you are cutting.

How to cut lexan. Rough cut the lexan with a hand coping saw. Begin by securing the plexiglass to your work bench or various other secure surface.

How to cut plexiglass with a dremel step 1. Now mind you i was using 14 thick plexiglass. Using the multipurpose cutting bit on the dremel or a jisaw the plexiglass still cracked on me.

Remove the cutting bit from the tool and blow any material cuttings off. In my experience you are better off cutting a bit off of your markings and sanding the extra down the sanding drums on the dremel might be of use here although in a narrow slot they might not fit.

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How To Cut Lexan
How To Cut Lexan
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