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How To Cut Melamine Shelf

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Melamine is made of board that is pressed together then covered in veneer that is black or white in colour. These flakes will leave a brown chip on the edge of an otherwise white surface as shown here.

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Simply cut the right length on a table saw then apply a bead of glue along the edge of the laminate board.

How to cut melamine shelf. How best to cut a piece of melamine shelving so it doesnt chip. Carefully press the wood strip in place making sure the edges are even. First designate your cutline and score both sides lightly with a utility knife.

This gets tougher to pull off if both sides of the shelf have a melamine finish. Finish the cut edge with wood. Hello i have the need to cut a piece of melamine shelf into about 16 inch pieces.

Turn the saw off and back the piece back behind the blade. How to cut melamine shelving. Then use a few small pieces of masking tape to hold the strip in place while the glue dries.

Melamine coated particleboard is a great material for storage basement garage home office and kids room projects. Showing 1 42 of 42 messages. Second set your table saw or circular saw blade to cut about 14 into one surface of the melamine.

The shelf is six feet long and 12 inches wide and it is a bit unruly for me to. Clamping a thin piece of waste wood on either side backfront also helps reduce tear damage to the finish at least thats how i would saw it with a power tool. Melamine boards cut to size are important to many home owners who want to get some extra storage shelves should they need them for display.

Chips of melamine often flake off the surface along the cut edge especially on the side nearer the blade. It can be difficult to get a good result when cutting melamine coated particleboard. How best to cut a piece of melamine shelving so it doesnt chip.

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How To Cut Melamine
How To Cut Melamine
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