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How To Cut Mortises For Door Hinges

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Hinge mortises on a door are often cut by machine with a router and straight bit but you can cut mortises by hand using a hammer and chisel as well. 1 cut out notches for door hinges.

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Score the outline with a utility knife.

How to cut mortises for door hinges. 2 cut a recessed mortise for a door hinge. Mark the hinge outline. Use the pencil to mark where you want the cut out to go.

To me a chisel is the best method for cutting a mortise for a door hinge because its simple and cheap. Remove the hinge from the door or jamb. Score around the outline of the hinge with a utility knife.

Cutting mortises with a drill 1. Hold the edge of the hinge against the bits lower edge. Mark the mortise depth.

In other cases a mortise is merely cosmetic. Lightly tap the chisel with a. How to mortise hinges on a standard interior door.

And with a few optional inserts you can add butler tray hinges and sewing machine hinges in a various sizes to the list. Cutting a recessed hinge mortise into a door doesnt require any specialized woodworking knowledge or tools. A homeowner can cut a hinge mortise for door hinges with a few basic hand tools and a bit of patience.

Draw an outline around the hinge using a pencil. Mark the depth of the mortise with your utility knife. 3 put hinges on door blanks.

Take the time to measure the placement and position of the door hinges. To cut hinge mortises on a door. Screw the hinge to the door or jamb.

A mortise is a recess or hollow space cut to fit a specific item such as a door hinge or a lock mechanism. Tap a chisel into the scored outline. Mortising for a door hinge allows the hinge to install flush with the surface of the door edge or face.

How to cut a recessed mortise for a door hinge. Position the chisel on the scored line with the chisel perpendicular to the door or jamb and. Get the door hinge jig shown in this video through our l.

If you have more than a couple of mortises to cut we think youll be glad you made the investment. How to cut mortises for door hinges place your hinge flush against the door. A recessed mortise for a door hinge allows a door to close without any gap on the hinge side.

The hinge mortise allows the hinge to be mounted flush with the jamb and door so the door will close properly. 4 cut out slots for door hinges in a slab door. Then transfer these measurements to the actual door itself.

Create a series of angled chisel. Cut mortises by hand to fit any door jamb. For butt hinges consider also picking up a corner chisel to square off the mortises.

In some situations a mortise is required for the door to close properly. Place the bit square to the edge of the door and just. Place the hinge on the edge of the door with the knuckles pointing in.

Leah demonstrates how to use a router and jig to cut perfect door hinge mortises quickly and easily.

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