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How To Drill Cast Iron Soil Pipe

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Then add boss for cast iron. Cast iron drilling cast iron cctv drain inspection cut into soil stack making a hole in the soil and vent rats in your home rats enter homes through drains diamond saw s1e uk.

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As cast iron is a pain to work with and can easerly go wrong and crack.

How to drill cast iron soil pipe. Id expect it to be ok for a sold stack. Drill a hole in the cast iron pipe. Drill the cast stack with a bi metal hole cutter.

Not a job i like alls way try to avoid. Use the drill on the exact spot when you use the bigger drill bit. Even through the enamel.

Ive drilled a cast iron bath with a cheapnnasty eg. Increase the size of the hole by changing your initial drill bit to the next size in your bit kit. It wasnt fun but it worked.

Or change a section of the cast stack to plastic. Pain in the ae. There is another way to do this but it would mean dismantiling the soil pipe to do it.

It wasnt fun but it worked. Cast iron would completely destroy the the brad point and extra wide flutes of a wood boring bit and a masonry bit is designed to use with a hammer drill. Or change the complete stack.

Screwfix bimetal type hole saw. Spade bits forstner bits and auger bits are similarly unsuitable for cast iron and metal in general. Swap the current drill bit with an ever larger size.

It would take all day for the dull tip of a masonry bit to penetrate cast iron. Fit the waste into the pipe and seal around with putty or similar. Grip the drill firmly while you use it.

Then carefully tap the hole out wit a small hammer and try to stop any lumps of metal falling into the pipe. Slowly enlarge the size of the hole you are drilling. Even through the enamel.

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