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How To Hollow Out A Log With A Chainsaw

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Im pretty sure most people in a similar situation just hollow out the log and not care much for the inner circle of wood. I want to hollow out a short log to make it into a planter.

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Lay out a circle on the end of the log and drill overlapping holes to remove the bulk of the wood.

How to hollow out a log with a chainsaw. This is the most important step in the whole process thus you need to strictly follow the instruction about how to hollow out a log. A friend of mine just uses the chainsaw and cuts a v into the log. If you have a chainsaw that may make some quick work of some of it careful though bc its dangerous to hollow with a chainsaw.

I have several power tools is there a particular attachment to a tool that i could use. Find a metal worked get them to make a giant spoon bit and drill slowly. And if you happen to know what is the average cost of that attachment since i may not have it.

14 is a litle tall tho youd need a big saw for those. You must keep each hole stays 4 inch apart to spare space between seeds. What size does the hollow need to be.

Have not considered the chainsaw attachments you mentioned. Worst case use a circular saw to cut several slits down the log and then chisel them out. Use a drill with 15 spade drill bit to drill holes in the bottom of the planter to allow water to escape.

What size logs do you want to hollow out. I have been exploring some type of router jig that mounts on my sawmill for hollowing logs. Going over your options a bandsaw with a large enough throat would be the simplest course of action you should be able to just cut out the center with one cut into the side.

Boring out logs for any log you can fit under the guides on a bandsaw stand it on end cut in from the side cut out the center and exit out the same cut you started in on. Using a large diameter bit 3 inches or so will allow you to drill down to where the body of the drill is inside the cavity while still being straight. Welcome to the forestry forum.

Im looking for a good easy way to do it. Chainsaw doesnt seem to be as easy as i thought. Could be a good.

You will have to drill in stages and probably from both sides.

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How To Hollow Out A Log
How To Hollow Out A Log
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