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How To Inlay Turquoise Into Wood

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Place the turquoise on top of whatever you are using cup one hand around it to catch those errant chips and then hit with a smaller hammer. This takes the appropriate measurement size for the inlay.

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Sam angelo demonstrates his procedure for inlaying turquoise stone into a turned art piece.

How to inlay turquoise into wood. Sometimes epoxy has air bubbles from the stirring that get into the inlay. Grind some of the smaller lumps into powder. Trace the turquoise on the inlay material using a pencil or piece of chalk.

Best to do this in batches so that you have a good supply of different sizes and a bag of powder. But you can mix in turquoise powder into epoxy which is a plus. Trace around the turquoise with the pencil to create an outline.

Uses include all types of inlay such as knife handles antler and bone. Im studying how to inlay turquoise into voids in wood slabs. 6 using the handle end of the pallet knife gently tamp pack down the inlay material.

Only buy 5 simple steps that i listed down making wood cracks with turquoise is in your hand. Use a pear or round end cross cut but that is designed to cut both on the face and side to deepen and widen the design or to a depth of about 18 inch into the wood. How to inlay turquoise into wood.

For those that have done this successfully do you use real turquoise or the synthetics. This has two purposes first to pack the material into the opening as deep as possible second to get the smaller grains of material to settle down between the larger grains to fill the cavity. Just follow my step by step guideline i confidently guarantee that you could nail it.

Place the piece of turquoise to use for the inlay on the wood. Hopefully i could create your wooden masterpiece with turquoise. Leave a small amount of the turquoise mixture in the cup so you can check its readiness.

Attach a wood burring bit to the dremel tool. Ive used epoxy with black powder in the past on a couple of pieces but ive not used metals or turquoise. How to inlay turquoise into wood warning.

The fumes from epoxy are toxic so use it in a well ventilated area. In conclusion inlaying turquoise into wood is not as difficult as you think. Ca glue seems to be runny and some people have reported issues with using turquoise dust and ca glue cant mix the dust with the ca glue because it sets too quickly.

The deft will keep the ca from penetrating the unfinished wood and will make smoothing of the inlay material easier. This is the second part of two videos dealing with processing turquoise stone and integrating it into a. If you prefer to use a more budget friendly substitute for turquoise use liquid.

Can you share a supply source. It can also be used to enhance a signature on a carving or inlay a small scroll saw project. Fill the design with turquoise.

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How To Inlay Turquoise
How To Inlay Turquoise
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