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How To Make A Router Template For Door Hinges

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Lay the door on its side with the side that will receive the hinges facing upward. The photos show a template made from plywood for butt hinges.

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Use plywood for the template because it is both flat and stable.

How to make a router template for door hinges. Remove the template and try the hinge. Simple jig for hinges. Regardless of the hinge you choose you will have to square off all corners with a chisel before use.

This center point line will help with alignment of the template when you are ready to cut the mortise. Before you mount the jig to the cabinet slide a penny between the jig and the face frame to give the door a proper reveal. The corners will be rounded and you can finish those with a chisel.

Once you are satisfied with the fit rout the other mortises on the door and in the jamb in the same way. Set the height of the table saw to 18 taller than the outline you just made. Install a stop that registers off the top of the door.

Place the jig face down on your routers subbase. If you are left handed use the bottom edge of the hinge. Mark the door for hinge positioning.

Make a straight line perpendicular to the spine of the door by resting the set square in line with your mark. Most templates are for hinges with rounded corners so if yours has square ones you may need to square off the corners with a hammer and chisel. You can use scrap cut the pieces to fit around the hinge and make a lip around the edge so you and make sure its hitting the right spot and use a flush tripm bit with the bearing on the top.

Then install your hinges. Using the stick transfer the hinge location with an xacto knife on to the door with a single cut. After the template is cut mount it to a block of hardwood for stability.

Robust clamp secures to your door without nails or screws stable platform resists rocking and moving while routing easy single adjustments enables you to set the hinge length. Find the milescraft door hinge mortising kit for routers 12140713 drop in template design for 1 34 and 1 38 in. Measure 6 inches from the top of the door with the tape measure and make a mark with your pencil.

These hinges require the same template inverted for the two different halves. Trace the outline of the hinge onto the plywood and also make a line at the center point of the hinge. Set cutting depth equal to the thickness of the hinges leaf plus the jig face.

Replace the stick with the template locating with the knife resting in the cut. Thick doors ideal for routing matching mortises for hinges at the home depot milescraft hingemate200 ready to use drop in door hinge jig for routers 1214 the home depot. Set your depth and practice on your scrap.

Maker your own jig out of scrap.

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How To Make A Router Template
How To Make A Router Template
Make a template for a router and
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