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How To Make A Wooden Barrel Prop

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How to make a barrel. Use a dry brush technique so the black painted wood grain shows through.

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Measure the circumference of your water cooler.

How to make a wooden barrel prop. Place the barrel below the rain gutter. Cut a hole in the lid of the barrel to accommodate the rain downspout sources. Make sure each strip is long enough to cover the cooler down the tap at least with about 6 inches to spare at the top.

Wrap a soft tape measure around the top edge of the cooler. Prepare the wood to serve as staves for your barrel. Next predrill the wood and screw the wood into the inside of the barrel.

How to build your own prop shotgun. These quarters will form the staves or the planks which form the barrel shape. I dont need to learn how to make a cooler out of a barrel but this is a good picture of a barrel which can easily be found within my street scene.

Once everything is attached together. After the paint dries on the wood grain paint the entire plywood barrel top with the brown acrylic paint. Follow this clear tutorial to easily make this project.

Taper the ends so that they will give your barrel a curved shape. The height of the tree is not a factor. Remove the top of the tree from the last branch and hand split the trunk into quarters.

Carve out the inner portion of the staves. Next using a circular saw cut along the line. You can experiment with colors to best match the plastic barrel.

You will need three pieces of cut wood for each barrel. Wood barrels store large quantities of wine and whiskey for long period of time. Fill the hoop with the stave ends completely encircled.

Start by measuring 45 inches on the wood and marking it with a straight edge. Next connect all the pieces together and attach the wall hanger to the gun. Cut the box into strips about 6 inches wide.

Put silicone caulking around the hole to seal it well. Then cut out a prong shape in the front and stain the gun to your desired color. In this clever tutorial watch as i transform an ordinary cardboard box into a fun barrel.

First draw on the shape of your gun on the pieces of wood then cut them up with a saw. Repeat for a total of 3 wood supports. Cut the wood to the length of your barrel height.

Place the staves together in the iron hoop known as an assembly jig. The main difference between wine barrels and whiskey barrels is the material used to make them. Alternatively measure straight across the top and multiply by 314.

Screw a nut on the threading of the faucet inside the barrel and tighten. The trunk must be a minimum of 5 feet in diameter and the age must be at least 100 years old.

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