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How To Make Checkers Pieces

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What size of checkers pieces do you want to make. Things needed 24 wooden plugs or a wooden dowel rod 1 to 1 12 inches in diameter.

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I dumpster dove to thin pieces of wood with a white shiny coating on one side a bit back from the dumpster behind a carpentry shop which i decided to use for this.

How to make checkers pieces. Collect your bottle caps in two colors. How to make a checkers board game. This way when players have pieces that reach the opposite side of the board to be kinged the pieces can simply be flipped over and tracked on the board.

Again youll be left with 12 game pieces for the board as well as two extra pieces. The king can move forward and backward so its easier for king checkers to capture your opponents checkers. Once i cut the slugs do i just clamp them on my drill press and cut them.

Another method is to cut it out of a board with a rosette cutter and then cut out of the board with the scroll saw. I purchased a wood burning kit from rockler last year as a christmas gift so i know the checkers will be a good quality product. Repeat this process on each of your pieces.

We are making our 4 daughters and their families checker board boxes for christmas. Traditional pieces are round with a lip so you can stack them and they hold together but i have no lathe for this. There is a woodcraft i could probably get access to the.

Because of its height you will be able to tell it apart from the other pieces. Board will probably be maple and koa so would like to also make the pieces out of maple and koa. I am going to make a few veneered checkerboards but have no lathe to make the checker pieces with.

A rosette cutter is usually at least 3 inches in diameter. Thats a lot of wooden checkers to cut out sand and stain. You need 24 pieces total 12 in each color.

For checkers you will need 24 pieces total 12 of each color to place on the board. How to make your own free homemade checkers set. Setting up your game.

Two colors of paint. To crown a checker and make it a king checker simply place one of your own captured pieces on top of it. Use one of your red 1 inch circle game pieces as a guide to cut out 14 black game pieces of the same size and shape as the red ones from your second sheet of black paper.

Get your pieces for your board.

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