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How To Mortise And Tenon With Router

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Set the height of the spiral upcut bit to 916 to accept a 12 long tenon. All the cutting action will be concealed.

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Round off the corners of the tenon with a utility knife.

How to mortise and tenon with router. With a sharp pencil mark the position of the mortise on your workpiece. Slide a square piece of scrap against the flutes of the router bit. The left line is your start line.

Then unclamp the workpiece and reposition it for the next overlapping hole. Transfer both edges of the bit onto the fence. Drill the first hole.

Then align the bit with the layout lines at one end of the mortise and clamp the workpiece to the drill press table. The first step is to lay out the mortise shape on your workpiece. Cut shoulders for the tenon.

Run the router across the board. The easiest mortise and tenon joint ever. The mortise and tenon joint has been a woodworking staple for thousands of years.

Not only is it strong effective and attractive but it also requires minimal tools you can even create this joint with simple woodworking hand tools. To cut the shoulders for the tenon place a board flat on the work table and clamp it down. Sand again if necessary.

Position the fence to locate the mortise on the workpiece. Turn the board over clamp it down again and cut the other shoulder. Whether you choose to keep things simple with old school hand tools or capitalize on the latest technology with power tools cutting a mortise is a project.

Milling a mortise on your router table is essentially a blind operation because youll cut the mortise by plunging the wood down into the bit.

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