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How To Pre Drill Holes For Screws

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But to get the most out of your tool and get a clean professional look follow these tips. Pilot holes guarantee that your screw wont break off and your wood wont crack.

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Buy a set of countersink bits.

How to pre drill holes for screws. Picking the correct size pilot holes for screws is important to guarantee a solid hold and prevent wood splitting. Larger than the minor diameter. How to drive screws like a pro driving screws is one of the most common uses for cordless drilldrivers.

Create an indentation using a center punch. Often this is the only way to prevent splitting when driving screws or nails close to the end of a board. The pilot hole bit creates a hole that reduces friction to make screw driving easier and the countersink allows you to set the screw head flush with or below.

Drill the pilot hole. Drilling a pilot hole for the screw and then creating a recess or countersink for the screw head is standard practice on cabinets and furniture projects. If the screw has deep threads or the wood is very hard the pilot hole should be another 164 in.

Determine the appropriate size bit for drilling your pilot hole. Make sure that the drill bit sticks out enough so that its as long as the screw that youre using. In this video i talk about three ways to do it and test out a variety of pilot.

Drill the pilot hole. The main benefit of pre drilling holes for deck screws or any screws is simply preventing the wood from splitting. How to drill pilot holes.

Its also easier to drive the screws when the holes are pre drilled especially in harder woods like. How to make a pilot hole steps mark the location of your intended hole with a pencil. Once you found the right size drill bit load it up in your power drill.

Next set the power drills speed to 2 which will be set using the big switch at the top of the drill. For most hardwoods the pilot hole should be at least as large as the screws minor diameter.

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