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How To Remove Lacquer From Plastic

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Polyurethaneacrylic lacquer is one of the toughest lacquers available. Washable fibers such as acrylic fabric burlap cotton linen modacrylic nylon olefin polyester rope or spandex.

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Pollys easy lift off is good for removing lacquer seems to be harmless to plastic.

How to remove lacquer from plastic. It is used on guitar bodies and other musical instruments among other items. Some plastics dont like it some arent fazed by it. The best way to remove.

How to remove clear polyurethaneacrylic lacquer. Removing paint from plastic. Just brush it on let it sit for about half an hour maybe one then i use a stiff cleaning brush and the old paint comes right off.

It is extremely hard to sand off by hand or with power sanders. Hi i want to remove a thick lacquer finish from a rifle stock but it has a plastic forend tip that is glued on. Removing lacquer overspray from plastic trim my 9 5 has had both rhs doors resprayed at some point and there are a few small splats of lacquer overspray on the exterior plastic trim finishers on the upper rear part of the drivers door and upper front part of the rhs rear door.

Non washable fibers such as acetate fiberglass rayon silk triacetate or wool. Just wipe it on and put the model in a bag. Oven cleaner and csc take a lot longer depending on the colorageetc.

Matt cadguy found out that 91 rubbing alcohol removes hok lacquer. I have managed to remove all of the losse lacquer but am having a real struggle removing the stuff that is still bonded to the paint. It dries to a clear almost indestructible plastic like finish.

Thus it cannot be removed for refinishing. Rinse residue amd old paint off under running water. The lacquer has peeled from the top 12 of the wing mirrors where water has got in between the paint and the lacquer.

This is the stuff i use its works great on plastic. Lacquer thinner softens the plastic a. Below are the most common types of materials that can become varnish stained with steps on how to remove lacquer and varnish stains from each.

Sometimes i have to repeat the process twice for stubborn areas.

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How To Remove Lacquer
How To Remove Lacquer
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