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How To Remove Live Center From Tailstock Haas

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Note tighten the barrel lock first. I had a similar issue with my st20y.

Is The Tailstock On Your St 10 15 Sticking Fix It Easily Haas

Haas Sl 40tb 2011 Live Milling Big Bore 18 Chuck Tailstock

Stupid Live Center Manufacturers

The instructions were no help.

How to remove live center from tailstock haas. It is a jet mt2 live center. To remove a stuck center from the sb9 tailstock take a wrench and unwind the cap on the tailstock that the handwheel is attached to the stock with. This takes all of 30 seconds.

If you cannot see the centre through the drift slot you need to make a narrow second drift with a projection thar reachs far enough into the spindle to reach the centre. For mine i simply glued a small block on the back of the center so it was 38 longer. I cant get the live center out of the tail stock.

Live center i found that some live centers are short and do not eject when the tailstock is withdrawn all the way. Use a brass or aluminum dowel to punch out the center. The importance of length to diameter ratio choosing tailstock pressure machining fragile parts and choosing and maintaining your live center.

Morse taper 3 live centers recommended but not included. Unwind the lead screw and remove. The tailstock has the same center height as the hrt160 and lines up with the spindle with easy mounting in the table t slot.

Removing live center from mazak qt20 tailstock. Its been a great addition until now. The haas 5 127 mm tailstock support can help with that.

Change parameter 151 bit 3 back to 0. Did it home properly. Disable tailstock with parameter 151.

I do not however have a hollow tailstock or the fancy live center systems you mention. Send tailstock home or as far back as possible. After many phone calls this worked.

Then use the regular drift to wedge the centre out. The video also demonstrates best practices for commanding and controlling haas tailstocks with m codes and settings. Chances are i am doing something stupidly wrong but if anyone can advise me how to remove it that would be great.

We had an old radial drill that the tangs of drills never reached. Change bit 3 from 0 to 1. I recently got a jet lathe 1221vs.

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How To Remove Live Center From Tailstock
How To Remove Live Center From Tailstock
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