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How To Remove Yellow Polyurethane

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How to remove polyurethane. Remove the polyurethane using a metal scraper.

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Sand the bare wood.

How to remove yellow polyurethane. Oil based polyurethanes are resistant to water alcohol and acids. Polyurethane made my stand yellow. Polyurethane is available in both oil based and water based formulas.

Well were 3 coats in and although the finish is great it is starting to appear more golden likely due to the slight yellow tint of the polyurethane. In general latex paints dont yellow so i would use that for any high use areas. So i had went to home depot or lowes i forgot and purchased some polyurethane satin finish.

Test the baking soda on an unobtrusive area. How to remove a polyurethane finish step 1. Most lacquers and shellacs especially after theyve aged enough to turn yellow come off with low potency chemicals such as orange oil but you may need a stronger.

When the yellowing has to completely go so does the old finish which means you have to strip sand and refinish the piece. The process would mean sanding everything down or using a tsp solution to prep cleaning all the dust off then using a primer before painting with a latex paint. Open up the windows and let in the fresh air.

However the oil based product turns yellow as it ages. Upcycling an old item such as wood may first require removing the polyurethane coating. Apply the polyurethane stripper evenly to the surface of the wood.

The slight abrasive quality of baking soda can help remove the stain but may leave the finish looking dull. Make a paste of equal parts of baking soda and water if the stain has penetrated the polyurethane and isnt coming out fully with the soap treatment. Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles.

This coating or finish is applied as a final step to ensure the surface is sealed and lasts for many years. When youre trying to renew the look of the piece however the polyurethane can get in the way. Its not a big problem but we paid for select no sapwood walnut because we loved its rich dark color.

So my stand was coming along nicely and i noticed even the slightest of dirt would leave finger prints etc.

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