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How To Route Small Pieces Of Wood

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When routing the inside edge of a frame move in a clockwise direction. Make deep profile cuts in two or three shallow passes to avoid burns and chatter marks.

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Go in the right direction when cutting.

How to route small pieces of wood. Next attach sandpaper or double faced tape to the bottom of the base for a better grip. You got to move in with the outlined direction on your wood in order to safely use your wood router. Then adjust the router for a deeper cut and repeat the process.

Jig makes it safe to rout small pieces my table mounted router seemed ideal for shaping 3 4 stock into knobs for a box i was building but the small blanksonly 1 1 2 squarewould make the job hazardous to my hands. Little jack june 25th 2018. To make one start with a thick piece of wood or polycarbonate and drill two holes for the 1 dowel handles.

George is very correctwrite this off to the cost of education and get another piece of poplarfaster safer and easier. A tipped router will cut an irregular profile. I pass small pieces through my planer seating them on top of large piece of mdf of course i glue a perimeter with discarded wood around the small pieces to be planed.

When routing the outside edge of a board you should go counterclockwise. Press the base of the router tight to the wood surface to prevent the router from tipping. Glue the dowels in place in the wood option or screw them up through the base with countersunk brass screws.

Set the router depth for a shallow cut and rout all sides.

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